2018 The Metal You Shouldn’t Have Missed

Cheers and Happy New Year, friends! A year may seem like a long time, but it goes by fast and it’s easy to miss good music. There’s a lot of Metal out there. All the time.

Want can you do? You can listen to Metal Express Radio and read Zac’s Album Reviews.

Why should you do this? Because I am your friend.

To prove it to you, listen* to these songs you shouldn’t have missed this year.

*high volume recommended

While Crisix may not fit the profile of bands normally played on Metal Express Radio, the sentiment of this song certainly reflects my attitude. Yours too? See, I am your friend.

BLS gets it right more often than not. Why isn’t there a video for this song? Bad marketing. This song scratches my brain just right. Read Grimmest Hits review here.

Still creating awesome music. All hail the Priest! Read Firepower review here.

If you’re going to subject yourself to Power Metal, it should be inspiring. Borealis nails it. Read The Offering review here.

Very soothing yet ominous groove from CO-OP. Read the review for CO-OP’s debut album here.

There is always room in your library for a kick ass AC/DC sound alike song from Worry Blast. Read .44 review here.

Finally another song with a video. Is my taste that bad? If so, what’s wrong with this song? This is what all Melodic Metal songs aspire to be. Volster creates an expansive soundscape that sets you up for a chorus you’ll want hear over and over. Read Perfect Storm review here.

Luca Princiotta Band bringing a bluesy Melodic Metal swagger on “What It Takes”. Read Rough Blue review here.

If you get a hankering for something evil, groovy and 70s retro, crank this gem by Earthless.

Lechery lays down a classic riff and chorus combination. Read We Are All Born Evil review here.

My friends, there were some good tunes this year, but excellent albums were scarce.

Check out Zac’s picks for the rest of the best of 2018 here.

Let’s all hope 2019 will bring us something as good as this slice of awesomeness from 2017. Read Apex review here.


  • Zac Halter

    Zac was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. His interest in heavy music began in the 70s with his father’s Johnny Cash albums. After cousins introduced him to Steppenwolf, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, KISS, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Johnny Cash didn’t stand a chance. The 80s were spent in full pursuit of everything Metal: searching for new music at record stores, listening to albums, studying the covers and sleeves, and attending concerts. In the 90s, he preferred Death Metal over Grunge and hosted the Death Metal Juggernaut on WUPX in Marquette, Michigan. It was advertised as the only prime time Death Metal radio show in the country.

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