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Daily Album Premiere Monday: Crying Steel – Stay Steel

17. June 2018

Italian artists, Crying Steel, have been honing their craft since 1982.  Their fifth album, Stay Steel, reflects their familiarity with writing and performing formulaic 80s era Heavy Metal.  It’s no surprise to see song titles such as “Hammerfall”, “Speed Of Light”, and “Road To ...READ MORE

Rocklahoma Festival 2018 Day 3

30. May 2018

Rocklahoma’s third day was another scorcher.  How hot was it?  Temperatures in the 90’s, bands and fans whining about the heat and a Camper Trailer said “to hell with this” and burned to the ground overnight.  Perhaps the trailer fire sucked all the oxygen out of the area because many ...READ MORE

Rocklahoma Festival 2018 Day 2

27. May 2018

Unlike last year’s second day which was ultimately cancelled after only a few bands had played, perfect weather was the order of day.  Perhaps too perfect.  Cloudless skies and temperatures in the 90’s kept fans on a quest for hydration and in fierce competition for the scant areas of ...READ MORE

Rocklahoma Festival 2018 Day 1

26. May 2018

Rocklahoma (ROK) is part of a series of multi-day Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music festivals planned by AEG and billed as the World’s Loudest Month from late April to early June. This eleventh edition of ROK features AEG’s emerging Active Rock talent mixed with Traditional Heavy Metal and Hard ...READ MORE
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