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Daily Album Premiere Monday: BEASTO BLANCO – Live From Berlin

4. February 2018

Beasto Blanco’s third release takes the live album gamble.  Front man and long-time Alice Cooper bassist, Chuck Garric, shares the Berlin show was a special night and an electric show. Does it capture a symbiotic moment between band and crowd creating a sum greater than its parts or is it a mosh ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Thursday: ANVIL – Pounding The Pavement

28. January 2018

From Pound For Pound to Pounding The Pavement, Canada’s long lived Anvil reliably delivers songs heavy enough to take a beating and come out unscathed.  The band’s 17th album is loaded with raw, uncomplicated Traditional Metal.  There are no surprises here.  The album is well mixed and the ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: REXORIA – Queen Of Light

22. January 2018

Sweden’s Rexoria describes their music as Folk influenced Melodic Hard Rock with powerful female vocals, burning guitar riffs and blasting drums.  Unfortunately Queen Of Light, the quartet’s first full length album, isn’t always powerful, burning, or blasting. The muted mix of the rhythm ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: WORRY BLAST – .44

14. January 2018

Can the world use another AC/DC derivative?  When it’s done as well as .44, hell yeah.  For their third release, Switzerland’s Worry Blast crafted an album bringing together the riffs and song structures of AC/DC, the vocal delivery of Nashville Pussy with a touch of Mötley Crüe sleaze.  ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: TANKARD – Hymns For The Drunk

8. January 2018

Tankard describes Hymns For The Drunk as the ultimate ‘best of’ album featuring AFM Records recordings from the 2002 to 2010.  As you might expect of a compilation album spanning nearly a decade, there are variances in production and mixing which give it an uneven quality.  What doesn’t ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: DE LA MUERTE – Venganza

26. December 2017

Italy’s De La Muerte describe their music as “a new kind of heavy metal…fresh, aggressive and modern hard ‘n heavy”.  Thematically, the band draws inspiration from stories of the cult of Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Our Lady of the Holy Death).  Venganza, the band’s second ....READ MORE
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