Metal Express Radio management has worked hard over the past 16 years to make and keep Metal Express Radio as an interactive Website and a free access radio station (with as few commercials as possible). However, costs to run the station and royalties paid to the bands continue to escalate. We need an Advertising Procurer who is willing to initiate contact with companies who typically are in some way tied in or involved with music – Metal in particular – in order to sell Website banner ad space, radio show sponsorship, and radio commercial slots.

Note: This is a volunteer position, in fact everyone here is in a volunteer capacity. Your compensation comes in the form of getting the latest Metal & Hard Rock for free, possibly concert passes, front row picture taking opportunities, and the ability to communicate with great musicians and people in the business via e-mail, phone, and in person and honing your writing skills.

If interested, fill out the form below:

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