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Interview with Steve Conte

28. September 2018

After first coming to the attention through Company of Wolves in the early `90`s guitarist Steve Conte was invited to join the reformed Punk legends New York Dolls remaining with them for six years and two studio albums before joining up with Michael Monroe. Metal Express Radio caught up with Conte ...READ MORE

Graham Bonnet and Jimmy Waldo Interview Posted!

24. September 2018

After vocalist Graham Bonnet left MSG under something of a cloud, he wasted no time in putting together Alcatrazz with Jimmy Waldo and joined by the then Swedish hot shot, Yngwie Malmsteen.  Metal Express Radios Mick Burgess sat down with Bonnet and Waldo during The Graham Bonnet Band`s UK tour to ...READ MORE

ALAN FREW (GLASS TIGER) “Rod Stewart demanded to sing on our record”

21. August 2018

After a run of hits, tours with the likes of Journey and guest appearances by Rod Stewart, Canadian Rockers seemingly disappeared.  A couple of years ago they made their first tentative steps back and now, for the first time in 27 years, return to Europe for a couple of shows in the UK with the promise of more to come if all goes well.   Mick Burgess called up lead singer Alan Frew to talk about getting back together, the live shows, the reimagined album 31 and the possibility of an all new studio album. ...READ MORE

STEVE HACKETT (GENESIS) “This will be a mighty show”

17. August 2018

The music of Genesis has always been grandiose in scope but guitarist Steve Hackett has taken things one step further with his latest Genesis Revisited tour with a full 41-piece orchestra.  Mick Burgess called him up to talk about the tour and the progress of his forthcoming solo album. ...READ MORE
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