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9. February 2018

As our politicians seem to like saying at every opportunity “Difficult choices need to be made.”  With the loveable Canadians, Anvil, playing across town at Trillians and VUUR over at The Cluny on the same night, difficult decisions were indeed called for. With this being Dutch singer Anneke ....READ MORE


7. February 2018

   There is a saying in music that more is less and that one note can say more than a thousand and that may well be true in some cases with BB King being a prime example but in others the entire opposite can also apply.  Therion`s latest album, Beloved Anti-Christ, which is due out at the end of ....READ MORE


4. February 2018

  It may have taken a mere 40 years or so for them to come back to Newcastle but U.S Punk legends the Dead Boys finally made the return visit following their previous show opening for The Damned at the City Hall in 1977. Their ferocious debut Young, Loud and Snotty perfectly captured the very ....READ MORE


27. January 2018

Having a Rockabilly band complete with stand-up double bass player and drummer may seem an odd opener for Punk veterans The Damned, but former Stray Cat drummer, Slim Jim Phantom, is no ordinary guy having strayed across boundaries with the likes of Motorhead`s Lemmy on many occasions.  His ....READ MORE

CHEETAH CHROME (DEAD BOYS) Talks 40 years of Young, Loud and Snotty

25. January 2018

They inspired Guns n` Roses and Michael Monroe and exploded brightly with their snarling debut Young, Loud and Snotty. They are back to celebrate its 40th anniversary.  Mick Burgess called up guitarist Cheetah Chrome to talk about the tour, the album and their enduring legacy and the prospect of a new Dead Boys album. ....READ MORE


17. January 2018

It`s not everyday that a million selling album is performed in its entirety by the creator and voice behind the music in a small bar in Newcastle. Trillians pulled off a major coup in signing up former Queensryche lead singer for a show in celebration of the ground-breaking Operation Mindcrime ....READ MORE

GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken/Lynch Mob/Sweet Lynch/KXM) talks Sweet Lynch`s new record and new Dokken song.

6. January 2018

Guitarist George Lynch has his fingers in many pies.  Not only does he have his own band Lynch Mob out on the recording and touring, he has hooked up with Ray Luzier and Doug Pinnick in KXM and Corey Glover in Ultra Phonics, not to mention recording again with his original band Dokken.  He also has just released his second Sweet Lynch album, Unified, with Stryper`s Michael Sweet.  Mick Burgess caught up with the busy man himself to talk mainly about Sweet Lynch but also about one or two of his other projects too. ....READ MORE
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