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14. July 2018

The full-length debut release from Connecticut, USA based Alternative Punk Rock act American Amnesia has all of the teen angst and naive yet heartwarming rebellion that any fan of 2nd wave Punk or Grunge could want. On …Yet Here We Are, this trio slogs and stumbles its way through eleven ...READ MORE

JANE IN SPACE – Gorerunner

6. July 2018

New York City based Industrial act Jane In Space presents us with a new, six track EP entitled Gorerunner. Although the technical abilities of Jane In Space are obvious, this release lacks any sort of artistic direction or focus, and has the sound of a band that has yet to decide what it wants to ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: ELVENSTORM – The Conjuring

4. July 2018

On The Conjuring, French Power Metal act Elvenstorm have managed to maintain their aggression and passion, while leveling up both the album production and overall execution of their performances. Vocalist Laura Ferreux is in top shape, and will more than please fans of the more aggressive female ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: TNT – XIII

19. June 2018

Norwegian Hair Metal legends TNT are back with a new, polarizing album. A poor choice in XIII‘s lead singles will probably doom the release, which is a shame as this album does have many flaws but also contains some high-points that could potentially rank up there with some of TNT’s ...READ MORE
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