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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: GOD’S ARMY – Demoncracy

11. October 2018

The second album from God’s Army, Demoncracy, is a textbook example of modern AOR. Blending all of the classic 80’s Hard Rock and proto-metal influences like Rainbow, Hardline, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Saxon, and others, God’s Army successfully creates an accessible mix of what ...READ MORE


27. September 2018

Swedish Metal act We Are The Catalyst has released “Predators” as a single off the upcoming full length album Ephemeral, which drops in early 2019. While some may be quick to write this off as yet another by-the-numbers, female fronted metal band, We Are The Catalyst has a unique style ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: ACE MAFIA – Ace Mafia (EP)

18. September 2018

Ace Mafia would have been a sure thing in 2001. Unfortunately, the band’s generic Modern Hard Rock sound combined with singer K. Ghibli’s late 90’s entrenched vocal style just makes it sound like another recording project that took so long to get released that it completely missed ...READ MORE
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