VOLSTER – Perfect Storm

VOLSTER - Perfect Storm
  • 8/10
    VOLSTER - Perfect Storm - 8/10


Rock Of Angels Records
Release date: April 20, 2018

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Sweden’s Volster describes their sound as modern flavored with roots in the 70s and 80s built with an emphasis on melody, great vocals, and interesting riffs.  As they say, “VOLSTER is Melodic Hard Rock as it’s supposed to be.”  Perfect Storm is professionally mixed and produced, and delivers Melodic Hard Rock as described. Perfect Storm is their debut, but Volster is not inexperienced. Its members are seasoned professionals with decades of experience.  The high quality of the songs and the varied textures and styles are likely a result of the long gestation of the album which traces its beginnings to a four track 1996 demo entitled Volster.

“King Of The Hill” is an up-tempo Groove Metal number featuring vocals and guitar trading melodic punches.  “Heaven Or Hell” follows with the bass guitar providing a distinctive doomy undercurrent to the guitarist’s melodic hooks which feature liberal use of a vibrato style similar to Zakk Wylde. “Perfect Storm” is an outstanding song featuring hook-laden riffs and a vocal performance which enables the song to take wing and soar. Other highlights include a return to the Black Label Society style of “Heaven Or Hell” on the back-to-back tracks “Hero” and “Games Of War”.  “Drifting Away” reveals the band’s 70’s influence with Jazz drenched keyboard and rhythm section combined with a smooth chorus and soulful guitar.  The closer “End With Me” features menacing riffs creating a dark musical landscape.

Perfect Storm plays like a greatest hits album spanning decades of an artist’s career.  The high quality vocals, musicianship, song writing, and album production make it a pleasurable listen.  Highly recommended for Melodic Hard Rock fans and Heavy Metal fans in general.



  1. King Of The Hill
  2. Heaven Or Hell
  3. Perfect Storm
  4. Breathless
  5. Still In Love
  6. Babylon
  7. Hero
  8. Games Of War
  9. Easier Said Than Done
  10. I Don’t Care
  11. Drifting Away
  12. Ends With Me


Peter Tenning, Vocals
Ulf Andersson, Guitar
Henrick Lundberg, Bass
Daniel Granlund, Drums


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