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This Friday´s Guest DJs: NORTHERN CROWN!

November 4, 2018

Northern Crown has sharpened their self-titled second full-length record, combining more dirty rock organ and chunky guitar riffs with their trademark doom-isms. Following up on their debut album “The Others,” their self-titled sophomore release maintains the smoke and mirrors of the first EP ...READ MORE

World premiere on Holter’s new video. Watch it here!

October 31, 2018

Here is the video premiere for “The Last Generation” of Trond Holter’s (ex-Wig Wam) upcoming album. The song features singer extravagant Eva Iselin Erichsen. The track will also be on hot rotation on Metal Express Radio for the next days.   Holter’s Vlad the Impaler ...READ MORE

This Friday’s Guest DJs: THORIUM!

October 28, 2018

Given great incentive by their work together in Belgium’s legendary Heavy Metal band Ostrogoth, axemen Dario Frodo, Stripe and Tom Tee found themselves overwhelmed by massive amounts of inspiration for new material, much of which proved to lie too much outside the boundaries of what they could ...READ MORE

This Friday´s Guest DJs: Texas Metal Outlaws

October 21, 2018

Texas Metal Outlaws is a studio project that bridges the gap between the old guard of Texas heavy metal and the new school of up and coming Lone Star state heavy hitters. Featuring the stage scorching guitar tandem of Stuart Laurence and Robert Williams of IGNITOR and an ensemble all star cast of ...READ MORE

This Week’s Friday Guest DJ: MIA KLOSE!

October 14, 2018

If you like hard rock and particularly combination of melodious energetic lead vocals and virtuoso played guitars, seek no further – Mia Klose‘s  electrifying rock is what you need! Mia Klose has established a strong fan-base through regular gigging. You might have seen her at the ...READ MORE

This Friday’s Guest DJs: GRIMACE

October 7, 2018

The beginning of Grimace was during the winter 2007/2008. The first year was mostly a struggle, but eventually they got their line-up sorted and could put focus back on producing metal material.  As the year 2013 started, also started Grimace‘s  biggest project so far – debut ...READ MORE

Interview with Angry Anderson and Mark Evans (Rose Tattoo)

September 30, 2018

Rose Tattoo have been through a number of line up changes over the years but Angry Anderson has remained at the helm keeping the flag flying and the legacy of his much missed band mates very much alive. With the current line up augmented by former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans and one time member of The ...READ MORE
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