THUNDERBLOOD – The Final Beginning

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  • 8.4/10
    THUNDERBLOOD - The Final Beginning - 8.4/10


Label: Independent
Release date: March 4, 2023

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Thunderblood is a Perth-based Metal band that was founded by former members of Extant, Tabryss, and Reaper’s Riddle. Having been part of the Perth Metal scene for several years now, the band’s sound revolves around groovy rhythms, meaty riffs, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Thunderblood independently released their debut studio album The Final Beginning on March 4, 2023. The album was engineered and mixed by Simon Mitchell and mastered by Forrester Savell.

Thunderblood is no ordinary Metal band. They are a mix of Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, and a little bit of Hard Rock. The vocalist does a mix of screaming and regular vocals; sometimes singing like James Hetfield from Metallica. The riffs are so tasteful, the guitar solos are impeccable, and the rhythm section is very in sync. “Mt Carnage” has a dark and heavy guitar riff, intense kick drumming, and screaming vocals.

A Blend of Different Influences

“Gone Are the Days” is the brightest sounding song on the album with subtle harmonies and melodic vocals in the chorus. That one has strong James Hetfield vibes. “What You Want” has an opening riff that gives off Def Leppard’s “Switch 625” vibes, but quickly shifts gears and becomes a slow headbanger about struggling to figure out what the other person wants. It’s got a great groove with pounding drums and a thumping bass line. “Crocodile Eggs” gives off strong Pantera vibes. It’s got an infectious groove, screaming/raspy vocals, pulsing kick drum work, and thanks to some tweaking in the studio, it sounds like the instruments were played underwater in a swamp!

“Being Unto Death” is a standout itself because of the anthemic chorus, which strangely gives off Candlemass vibes. Despite the controversial lyrics in “Sex and Weed,” it’s got a heavily distorted guitar riff that pierces right through listeners’ ears. “Never Not Rock” is any headbanger’s typical song about never doubting their right to rock and let the good times roll!

The problems with The Final Beginning lies within the intro and outro of the album. The intro is cool with the explosions, thunder, and heartbeat sounds; but it doesn’t transition nicely into the next song, “Mt Carnage.” The closing track “Cruel Ruin” is great, for the most part, with the big powerful vocals and soulful guitar solo, but the outro ruins the vibe of the song.

Final Assessment

Despite the negatives, Thunderblood deserves credit for adding their own spin to different Heavy Metal subgenres. The songs are enjoyable and the musicianship is incredible. Again, take note of the pulsing kick drum work! Overall, The Final Beginning isn’t a groundbreaking release, but it is above an average release.

Album Tracklist

  1. Intro
  2. Mt Carnage
  3. Gone Are the Days
  4. What You Want
  5. Crocodile Eggs
  6. No One Left
  7. Being Unto Death
  8. Sex and Weed
  9. Never Not Rock
  10. Cruel Ruin


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