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  • 7.4/10
    MARAUDER - Metal Constructions VII - 7.4/10


Label: Pitch Black Records
Release date: March 10, 2023

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Greek Heavy Metal vets Marauder is back with their seventh release, Metal Constructions VII. Pitch Black Records will be releasing the album on March 10, 2023, and is the first album since 2016’s Bullethead.

Brief Bio

Marauder was formed back in 1990 in Athens Greece releasing their first album, Sense of Metal in 1997. Marauder’s second album, 1821 garnered critical acclaim in 2000 as a concept album. Metal Constructions VII is being touted as the band’s most heartfelt musical statement since 2000’s masterpiece 1821. The band’s lineup has gone through several singers and drummers over the years. Guitarists Andreas Tsaousis and George Sofronas are the heart and soul of the band. The rest of the lineup includes bassist Thodoris Paralis (since 2008), a new drummer Nick Samios, and veteran vocalist Tassos Krokodilos (Spit Fire).

Metal Constructions VII

This twelve-track, semi-conceptual opus blends muscular Heavy/Power Metal, Melodic finesse, and fist-pumping anthems according to their press release. Marauder’s influences are heavily displayed throughout the album with the twin guitar attack of Tsaousis and Sofronas in the styles of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Themes of hardship and despair that surely anyone alive in 2022 can relate to and present in a way that brings the listener a sense of strength and hope rather than apathy.

The album kicks off with an intro track to the hammering of metal leading to a scream in the background. “Strike Back Again” kicks off a heavy Priest-era riff and double-kick drums. Tassos delivers a strong vocal delivery mixing in some Hetfield-esque grunts and growls. Marauder changes the tempo and rhythm in the middle of the song with a chant before leading into the guitar solos giving the song a good range of dynamics. Shout it Out is a mid-tempo rocker very reminiscent of Priest / Accept style rockers. “Under Her Spell” opens with an 80s Iron Maiden-style riff transitioning to a straightforward metal track full of power cords and double kick drums. This song has a nice flow to it as it has a familiar feel but keeps a fresh feel to the music.

The Good

The production of Metal Constructions VII is solid as every instrument feels well-balanced and audible. The songwriting is done well on this album as the songs throughout do not get repetitive and have enough transitions and tempo changes that make this an enjoyable listen. The runtime is over an hour which may seem long to some listeners as most of the songs are over 5 minutes in length. The last song on the album, “Father” is an epic track running over 9 minutes in length yet ends the album on a good note. “Strike Back Again” hits the right notes delivering an anthem feel that plays well live. The twin guitar attack of Andreas Tsaousis and George Sofronas is very well appreciated by this reviewer. The bass and drum play is solid as they create a strong foundation for each song.

The Not So Good

The length of the album may be too long for some listeners as the mind may stray away from the music. To counter this point the more listens given to this album, the more it will grow on you and be more appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and traditional Heavy Metal should find Metal Constructions VII a delight as it delivers a strong twin guitar attack and some good anthems to pump your fist to. No new ground has broken here in the realm of Heavy Metal, nonetheless, Marauder has delivered a gem.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Strike Back Again
  3. Shout it Out
  4. Under Her Spell
  5. Nightfall
  6. Erase
  7. Rock Fighters
  8. The Iron Mask
  9. Holy Bible
  10. Never Die
  11. The Son of God
  12. Father

Album Band Lineup

Tassos Krokodilos – Vocals
Andreas Tsaousis – Guitars
George Sofronas – Guitars
Thodoris Paralis – Bass
Nick Samios – Drums


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