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Daily Album Premiere Thursday: BRAINSTORM – Midnight Ghost

20. September 2018

Midnight Ghost is the 12th album from German Power Metal band Brainstorm.  Brainstorm was form in 1989 by guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric, and drummer Dieter Bernert.  They were joined by current vocalist Andy B. Franck in 1999 and bassist Antonio Ieva in 2007.  This veteran crew ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: MANIMAL – Purgatorio

29. August 2018

Fans of Primal Fear will be right at home with Purgatorio, the new album from Manimal. Riff based songs, in-your-face Painkiller influences, and Eric Adams worthy high notes abound on this no-nonsense Heavy Power Metal release. While the songs are, at times, one dimensional and the record has a ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: Wretch – Reborn

22. July 2018

It’s challenging to generate excitement for an album reissue.  Wretch does so by branding their 2006 full-length debut, Reborn, as “U.S. Metal made for real gourmets”.  If using the word “gourmet” doesn’t make you skeptical, touting a cover of Breaker’s “Touch Like Thunder” as a ...READ MORE
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