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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: SECRET SOCIETY – The Induction

22. May 2018

This 5 track EP by the Swedish metallers Secret Society is a fine helping of Modern Power Metal along the lines of CAGE, Outworld, and current-day Symphony X. Vocal layers are thick and the mix is busy, but well defined. The Induction is in some ways a throwback to some mid-2000’s styles of ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: EVIL HUNTER – Evil Hunter

25. March 2018

Evil Hunter’s bio describes the band as talented musicians with experience recording and touring excited to pour their positive energy into their eponymous debut .  Evil Hunter strengths are masterful musicianship, solid song craft and a high quality mix. Its challenges are lead vocal ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: SHADOWKEEP – Shadowkeep

20. March 2018

It’s been ten years since the last Shadowkeep album, and in that time the band has not only rekindled the fire of metal in their hearts, but begun a new chapter of the band thanks to the introduction of a new singer. While this vocalist is new to Shadowkeep, James Rivera is already a well ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: BOREALIS – The Offering

12. March 2018

The Offering is the fourth studio release from Canadian Power Progressive Metal band Borealis.  Consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Marinelli, Guitarist Ken Fobert, Bassist Trevor McBride, Keyboardist Sean Werlick, and Drummer, Mixer, and Producer Sean Dowell, Borealis have created a spectacular ...READ MORE
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