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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: BOREALIS – The Offering

12. March 2018

The Offering is the fourth studio release from Canadian Power Progressive Metal band Borealis.  Consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Marinelli, Guitarist Ken Fobert, Bassist Trevor McBride, Keyboardist Sean Werlick, and Drummer, Mixer, and Producer Sean Dowell, Borealis have created a spectacular ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Thursday: ÖBLIVÏON – Resilience

28. February 2018

Although Öblivïon is a new band, and doesn’t exactly contain any household metal names, the French group is already being labeled as a Power Metal “dream team”, and justifiably so. Resilience is a strikingly consistent and remarkably powerful debut album. The power of Jo ....READ MORE

DEATH KEEPERS – Rock This World

20. February 2018

Death Keepers, self described as an “evolution of the Heavy Metal of yesterday”, has validated and vindicated their well-received debut EP with their first full-length release: Rock This World. This eleven song release puts the hammer down hard with Death Keepers’ own blend of ....READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: SAVAGE MACHINE – Abandon Earth

27. January 2018

Following a sparse output with only an EP and one single, Denmark’s Savage Machine has finally unleashed their first full length album. Abandon Earth is a sci-fi concept album featuring a post-apocalyptic story line and strong Classic Power Metal influences like early Helloween, RIOT, and ....READ MORE
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