I’LL BE DAMNED – Culture

I'LL BE DAMNED - Culture
  • 7.8/10
    I'LL BE DAMNED - Culture - 7.8/10


Label: Mighty Music/Target Group
Release date: November 25, 2022

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Danish five-piece I’ll Be Damned has released its third full-length album Culture via Mighty Music. Culture has a runtime of 44 minutes over 9 songs and is produced by Tue Madsen (Artillery, At The Gates, Gorefest, Meshuggah, etc). Culture is I’ll Be Damned’s latest release since Road to Disorder (2018) and I’ll Be Damned’s self-titled release, I’ll Be Damned in 2017.

I’ll Be Damned Bio

I’ll Be Damned is a Hard Rock /Heavy Metal quintet from Denmark. Their style of music is a mix of Stoner Rock, Southern Metal, and Heavy Metal. The band consists of Boris Tandrup (guitar), Kristian Sloth (lead guitar), Jens Lunde (bass), and new members Anders Gyldenøhr (drums) and Mark Damgaard (vocals). Per Mighty Music, “Backed with influences such as Clutch, Down and Rage Against The Machine, I’ll Be Damned fuses a potent yet melodic and groovy punch in your face with lyrical sharpness and unifying paroles – with an attitude.”
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I’ll Be Damned’s Culture is a riff-heavy album blending elements of Stoner Rock and Southern Metal. Vocalist Mark Damgaard delivers a mix of clean raspy mixed with a flurry of screams throughout the album expressing the anger in the lyrics. The lyrics on this album include themes such as anger, desperation, and hopelessness rather than sarcasm and irony. However, the thematics of “Culture” still revolve around hatred towards religion and politics, but also newer forms of extreme cultural diversities per Mighty Music & I’ll Be Damned. According to the band, “This album is darker, heavier, less funny, and probably more coherent than our previous ones.”

“Hell Come (Take Me Now),” is a Heavy Southern Metal song with elements similar to Texas Hippie Coalition with heavy bass, a heavy groove, and a hook in the chorus. The main riff to the second track, “Run Me Over” has a hard grinding feel reminiscent of early Fireball Ministry (think “Sundown”). I’ll Be Damned gets sludgy with “Anything You Hand Me” which also has a killer groove and melodic chorus.

The Good

Compared to I’ll Be Damned’s last album Road to Disorder, the addition of Mark Damgaard’s vocals bring a more serious and intense feel to the songs. Tue Madsen can be credited for the excellent production of the album as all of the instruments feel and sound very well balanced. Compared to Road to Disorder, Culture is more focused on the song structure giving Culture a more consistent feel. Road to Disorder was broader in sound. Each song on Culture has its feel and nothing feels repetitive here.

Standout tracks include, “FuckYouMoney”, “Hell Come (Take Me Now)”, and “Run Me Over.”

Not So Good

There are no real complaints to be had about this album. Some listeners may feel that the last song, “Forever, Right?” may be a bit too lengthy at runtime of over 8 minutes.

Final Thoughts

I’ll Be Damned has released a solid mix of sludgy-laced Stoner/Southern Metal with Rage Against the Machine style rants and raves that will have fans throwing fists in the air. Hopefully, Culture will bring more exposure to the band in the US and a larger following in the UK / Europe as this album is an enjoyable listen from front to back.


1. FuckYouMoney
2. Run Me Over
3. Primal Fear
4. Hell Come (Take Me Now)
5. Anything You Hand Me
6. Let Me Bleed
7. Through The Walls
8. Good Talk, Not Happening
9. Forever, Right?

Album Lineup

Mark Damgaard – vocals
Boris Tandrup – guitars
Kristian Sloth – lead guitars
Jens Lunde – bass
Anders Gyldenøhr – drums


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