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  • 8/10
    NEW HORIZON - Conquerors - 8/10


Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Release date: June 14, 2024

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Swedish multi-instrumentalist Jona Tee is back with the sophomore effort of New Horizon titled Conquerors on Frontiers Music s.r.l.. With the departure of vocalist Erik Grönwall, who went on to join Skid Row as the replacement for Sebastian Bach, Jona Tee has recruited the amazing, highly talented Nils Molin (Dynazty, Amaranthe). Conquerors also features some great guest musicians like Dynazty bandmates drummer Georg Härnsten Egg and guitarist Love Magnusson, as well as vocalist Elize Ryd of Amaranthe to name a few.

Divide And Conquer

Longtime friends Jona Tee and Nils Molin had wanted to collaborate on a project for some time, and Conquerors offered the perfect opportunity. Nils Molin:

“My initial reaction to getting a text from Jona, asking me to sing on the new album was: Damn, I don’t have the time. But upon hearing some of the early material he was working on and after our first couple of sessions tracking vocals, effortlessly collaborating and mapping out a plan for the album, I decided that this simply needs to be done.

Conquerors became a tale that grew in the making and ultimately expanded into an album way beyond my expectations, brim-packed with stellar songwriting, performances and surprise elements. If you like melodic metal – you’re in for a treat.”

Final Notes

New Horizon – Conquerors is indeed an epic collaboration. With nine originals and a pretty damn cool cover of Iron Maiden’s “Alexander the Great”, Tee and Molin have given us an outstanding effort that tells tales of epic historical figures. Elize Ryd’s vocals on “Before The Dawn” are beautiful, and make the song a standout track. With top of the line production, and the brilliant musicianship of Tee and Molin, New Horizon – Conquerors is joy to listen to, and a definite contender. A resounding two horns up, and worth adding to your collection.

Jona Tee and Nils Molin of New Horizon.
Jona Tee and Nils Molin of New Horizon.


  • Jona Tee – Lead & rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Nils Molin – Lead vocals

Additional musicians:

  • Georg Härnsten Egg – Drums
  • Elize Ryd – Lead vocals on “Before The Dawn”
  • Love Magnusson – Solo guitar on “King of Kings” & “Edge of Insanity”
  • Daniel Johansson – Solo guitar on “Daimyo” E “Apollo”
  • Laucha Figueroa – Solo guitar on “Shadow Warrior” & “Fallout War”

Conquerors – Tracklist

  1. Against the Odds
  2. King of Kings
  3. Daimyo
  4. Shadow Warrior
  5. Apollo
  6. Fallout War
  7. Messenger of the Stars
  8. Before the Dawn
  9. Edge of Insanity
  10. Alexander the Great (356 – 323 B.C.) (Iron Maiden cover)

Check out the new video for “Daimyo” by New Horizon off of their new album Conquerors.


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