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Daily Album Premiere Monday: Crying Steel – Stay Steel

17. June 2018

Italian artists, Crying Steel, have been honing their craft since 1982.  Their fifth album, Stay Steel, reflects their familiarity with writing and performing formulaic 80s era Heavy Metal.  It’s no surprise to see song titles such as “Hammerfall”, “Speed Of Light”, and “Road To ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: EVIL HUNTER – Evil Hunter

25. March 2018

Evil Hunter’s bio describes the band as talented musicians with experience recording and touring excited to pour their positive energy into their eponymous debut .  Evil Hunter strengths are masterful musicianship, solid song craft and a high quality mix. Its challenges are lead vocal ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: WISHING WELL – Rat Race

18. March 2018

Wishing Well’s follow up to their 2016 debut album Chasing Rainbows features a new vocalist and adds a Hammond organist giving the five-piece band a distinctive 1970’s Hard Rock sound.  The production and mix, while professional, is extraordinarily clean and emphasizes the vocals at the ...READ MORE

Album Review: 32HEADSHOTS – Curtain Call

3. March 2018

32HEADSHOTS continues their maturation with a 6-song EP following their 2015 release, American Arrogance. Curtain Call is steeped in angst and doomy menace.  Hook heavy riffs are its strength and the album mix wisely favors the rhythm elements of the band.  While the lead guitar and vocal work ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: SAVAGE MACHINE – Abandon Earth

27. January 2018

Following a sparse output with only an EP and one single, Denmark’s Savage Machine has finally unleashed their first full length album. Abandon Earth is a sci-fi concept album featuring a post-apocalyptic story line and strong Classic Power Metal influences like early Helloween, RIOT, and ...READ MORE
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