SAVAGED – Night Stealer

SAVAGED - Night Stealer album cover art.
  • 6.5/10
    SAVAGED - Night Stealer - 6.5/10


Label: No Remorse Records
Release date: January 26, 2024

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Out of Barcelona, Spain comes Savaged, a four piece Heavy Metal band that formed in 2021, and is releasing their debut album this month titled Night Stealer. After some positive feedback, the band has spent the time in between staying busy playing gigs like the 2023 Headbangers Open Air.

Time Warp

The first thing to notice on listening to Night Stealer is the overall sound, taking us back to the very early 80s, and demos of bands that were at the time helping to form a new genre. In fact, the album sounds very much like a demo from those days, with the constant falsetto screams, the over use of reverb in the mix, and the very basic structure of the songs. While these things were a cherished part of Heavy Metal history, music has come a long way since then.

Final Notes

While the songs aren’t bad, they definitely feel dated in a lot of ways already expressed. When song after song rides on the root chord, only to then ascend back up by two whole steps (very early Iron Maiden did this, but to much greater effect), it’s predictability tends to take away from the listeners experience. The musicians all have good chops, and some of the tracks do rise above the rest, but overall it feels tired. On the positive side, Savaged have lots of room to grow and improve. While this album can’t be wholeheartedly recommended, those of us who want to enjoy some nostalgia for the early 80s will find something to enjoy.

SAVAGED band photo 2024
Photo: Marc Teruel.


  • Jamie Killhead – Vocals & Guitar
  • Joan Grimalt – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Aleix Coll – Bass Guitar
  • Cristian Blade – Drums & Backing Vocals

Night Stealer – Tracklist

  1. I Will Fight
  2. Tons of Leather
  3. Knights of Metal
  4. Welcome to…
  5. Elm Street
  6. Money Sucks
  7. Stealing the Night
  8. Running for Your Love (Tonight)


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