SECOND SHOOTER – Fury Made Flesh

SECOND SHOOTER - Fury Made Flesh album cover
  • 7.5/10
    SECOND SHOOTER - Fury Made Flesh - 7.5/10


Label: Into Records
Release date: January 19, 2024

User Review
6.5/10 (3 votes)

Fury Made Flesh by Second Shooter is a fantastic debut full-length album that thrusts listeners into the depths of Death Metal with unrelenting intensity. Melanie Johnson’s deep growl adds a layer of aggression that sets the tone for the entire record.

From the beginning, it’s evident that the album is not here to play nice. The music is fast, heavy, and doesn’t let up. The bass and drums churn out a steady pace, providing a relentless pounding that forms the backbone of each track. Second Shooter wastes no time in making their mark within the Death Metal genre, and their debut record is a testament to the work they’ve put into the new album.

One standout aspect of the album is Melanie’s vocal delivery. The deep growl adds a visceral quality to the lyrics, enhancing the overall sense of brutality. The music speaks for itself, but these vocals are what really make this such a great album.

The track “Palm Reader” immediately grabs attention with blistering fast guitars on the intro. The rapid riffing sets the stage for the assault on your ears that follows. This song exemplifies the band’s technical skill and showcases their ability to seamlessly blend speed and aggression.

“Bringer of Death” is a standout track that must be heard. The slow, ominous intro might lull you into a false sense of calm, but as the song progresses, it erupts into a Metal masterpiece. The contrast between the slow buildup and the explosive climax creates a dynamic listening experience. Believe me, this song won’t let you down.

As a debut full-length album, Fury Made Flesh positions Second Shooter as a formidable force in the death metal scene. While the album may not break new ground within the genre, it certainly holds its own against the current wave of Metal music. The sheer intensity and consistency displayed throughout the record are commendable, making it a solid addition to any Death Metal enthusiast’s collection.


Overall, Fury Made Flesh may not revolutionize the Death Metal landscape, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a statement of intent from Second Shooter, showcasing their ability to deliver fast, heavy, and unapologetically brutal music. For a debut album, it’s an impressive offering that bodes well for the band’s future endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned Death Metal fan or just an occasional listener, Second Shooter’s album is worth a listen. Don’t forget to check them out on tour this winter. Hopefully more tour dates to be announced.


  1.  Protect and Serve
  2. Diana the Huntress
  3. Palm Reader
  4. Bringer of Death
  5. Suffocate Eternal
  6. Gold Plated Pervert
  7. Bleeding Ear
  8. Set Adrift
  9. Caged
  10. For All the Parasites

Band Members

Melanie Johnson – Vocals
Travis Hildreth – Guitars
Wynn McElwee – Guitars
Jeff Clark – Bass
Jim Wilinski – Drums


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