MAGNUM – Here Comes The Rain

MAGNUM - Here Comes The Rain album cover
  • 8.5/10
    MAGNUM - Here Comes The Rain - 8.5/10


Label: Steamhammer
Release date: January 12, 2024.

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Over more than five decades, Magnum has spun enchanting tales in the world of Rock N’ Roll with an unmistakable sound. With catchy choruses, a fairy tale atmosphere and a tinge of romanticism, Magnum is a reassuring presence in many lives and a bridge between generations of fans. Sadly, the recent death of original band member and composer Tony Clarkin sheds a different light on this new album titled Here Comes The Rain, his final work.

Here Comes… The Sun?

For fans of the band’s visual identity, you can play a little game and try to find all the references to Magnum’s past albums in the fantastic artwork, another collaboration with Rodney Matthews. The opening title “Run Into The Shadow” is already a highlight of the album. Magnum has not lost its recipe for catchy and emotional hits that will get stuck into your head without you minding one bit. It’s also incredible how little Bob Catley’s voice has changed over the years. The title track “Here Comes The Rain” seems to set a bittersweet tone for the album, but Magnum also has a few bangers in store to lift spirits with “Blue Tango” and “The Seventh Darkness.” A special mention goes to the keyboards and orchestrations (on “Some Kind Of Treachery” and “After The Silence”) that are never kitsch and always catchy and tasteful.

While all the songs are perfect for a rainy afternoon, perhaps the one that will remain the longest in your mind is “I Wanna Live” starting as a ballad and ending as an anthem and a compendium of Magnum’s best.

Final Thoughts

No one would have blamed Magnum for retiring, but instead, the band offers the world another classic record packed with great melodies. Here Comes The Rain will leave you with a bittersweet taste, but mostly sweet. Here’s to hoping Tony Clarkin is now happily strolling under the sun on the road to eternity.


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