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Daily Album Premiere Monday: RAWFOIL – Evolution In Action

1. April 2018

Italy’s Rawfoil shares most of their Thrash Metal DNA with Exodus with a dashes of Mathcore complexity and Melodic Metal.  While unable to match the melodic hooks, vocal delivery and high speed precision of Exodus, the band doesn’t lack for musicianship, effort or inspired song construction. ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: TANKARD – Hymns For The Drunk

8. January 2018

Tankard describes Hymns For The Drunk as the ultimate ‘best of’ album featuring AFM Records recordings from the 2002 to 2010.  As you might expect of a compilation album spanning nearly a decade, there are variances in production and mixing which give it an uneven quality.  What doesn’t ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Monday: GAME OVER – Claiming Supremacy

19. November 2017

Italy’s Game Over are a four piece Thrash Metal unit influenced by 1980s Bay Area Trash Metal and more current Hardcore scenes.  Game Over describes their fourth album as their most mature with furious riffing, anthem choruses, and obscure lyrics spanning topics from history to science ...READ MORE
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