MY REFUGE – The Anger Is Never Over

MY REFUGE - The Anger Is Never Over
  • 8.1/10
    MY REFUGE - The Anger Is Never Over - 8.1/10


Pride & Joy Music
Release date: April 23, 2021

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International Metal

My Refuge started out as a solo project for guitarist Mauro Paietta (ex-Zadar) back in 2010, and has since developed into a full band with a mostly stable lineup. The Anger Is Never Over is the 2nd full-length album, differing from previous releases in that it has a long list of international musicians involved. While most of the band that was on the previous album has returned, it’s only for a limited number of tracks. Returning to the lineup is vocalist Davide Vella for one track, and bassist Salvatore Chimenti with guitarist Simone Dettore (ex-Havoc, ex-Zadar) for 3 tracks. New blood in the fold includes Javier Perez on the bass and Mark Vetter on the drums, both deftly handling the rest of the album’s tracks.

Excellent Production

The Anger Is Never Over feels almost like a Power Metal opera, showcasing 11 different singers over the 12 tracks. The new album was expertly mixed by Christian Ice at Temple of The Noise Studio in Rome and mastered by Andrea De Bernardi at Eleven Mastering Studio in Milan (Italy). It’s quite an accomplishment to create a musical project that includes musicians from 13 different countries around the world, and an even bigger feat to have the album end up sounding so strong and consistent. The album works from start to finish as every track fits perfectly together as a combined musical work.

Final Notes

Maestro Mauro Paietta with the aid of an international all star cast has created a very fine album in The Anger Is Never Over. If you haven’t heard of My Refuge before, then definitely give this album a listen to see what you’ve been missing. If you’re already are a fan, then you are in store for more great Power Metal from Paietta and company. This album deserves a spot in your collection, so support the music you love and get a physical copy.


Mauro Paietta (Italy) – Guitars and Keyboards
Javier Perez (Spain) – Bass
Mark Vetter (Germany) – Drums
Simone Dettore (Italy) – Guitar on Winterland, What If Tomorrow Never Came, The River and The Rain
Salvatore Chimenti (Italy) – Bass on Mistress of the Dark, Winterland, What If Tomorrow Never Came
Gabriela Kaufmanova (Czech Rep.) – piano on What If Tomorrow Never Came
Katarina Gubanova (Ukraine) – Piano and Keyboards on Memories
Berzan Onen (Turkey)- Vocals on Immortal Fire
Iggy Rod (Argentina) – Vocals on War In Heaven
Ronny Castillo (Venezuela) – Vocals on The River and The Rain
R.A. Voltaire (Canada) – Vocals on Winterland
Ilias Michailicos (Greece) – Vocals on What If Tomorrow Never Came
Andra Ariadna Chitu (Romania) – Vocals on Memories
Rafael Dinnamarque (Brazil) – Vocals on After Ten Years
Arthur Pessoa (Brazil) – Vocals on The Anger Is Never Over
Fernando Neri (Brazil) – Vocals on The Last To Die
Kike Valderrama (Colombia) – Vocals on Until The End

The Anger Is Never Over – Tracklist

1. Immortal Fire
2. War In Heave
3. The River And The Rain
4. Winterland
5. The Last To Die
6. What If Tomorrow Never Came
7. Mistress Of The Dark
8. The Child And The Moon (Instrumental)
9. After Ten Years
10. Until The End
11. Memories
12. The Anger Is Never Over


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