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Label: Independent
Release date: December 23, 2023

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Italian Heavy Metal Band Gengis Kahn has released their latest EP, Masters of My Sins as an independent release. Masters of My Sins was recorded at Convolution Studio in Italy with Alex “Bounty” Conti handling the mixing and mastering.

Hailing from Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Gengis Kahn was founded in 2012 releasing three full-length albums before the Masters Of My Sins. The band has released Gengis Khan Was a Rocker (2013), Colder Than Heaven (2021), & Possessed By The Moon (2022). The band has gone through numerous lineup changes with Fran Leone (guitar, bass, & vocals) as the lone mainstay. The current lineup consists of Frank Leone – (Vocals, Bass), Neil Grotti (Guitar), Mike Petrone (Guitar), Gemma (Drums), & Lee Under (Keyboards).

Masters Of My Sins

The album has a runtime of 22 minutes across five songs. Masters Of My Sins takes its dark and heavy inspiration from bands such as Venom, King Diamond, and Manowar. “Masters Of My Sins” has very strong influences of early 90s King Diamond / Mercyful Fate in the arrangements of the backing keys and vocals on “Nightmare” &”The Seventh Heaven”. The production and the tonality of the music have an eerie and dark feel as if you were walking down a path through a forest at dusk with heavy fog on your way to an abandoned castle. The instruments throughout the EP are clear and balanced yet the tuning is down-tuned just enough to muddle the sound a bit. The songs are mostly mid-tempo in nature with the title track that mixes in some up-tempo signatures and changes. The last track, “In The Land of Darkness” is the longest song on the EP taking the epic route with time and tempo changes to deliver the listener on a mini ride. Dark themes permeate the lyrical content of the songs.

Final Thoughts

Gengis Kahn’s latest release is a good venture heading into 2024 as the band looks to build upon its strong European base. The songs are good yet lack that extra punch to make it a great release. Leone’s vocals are good and solid but a bit more range and expression would add that extra oomph. The musicianship is solid, tight, and well balanced. Top tracks include “Nightmare”, The Seventh Heaven”, and “Rising From Hell” that engage the listener with a strong classic metal feel.


  1. Masters of My Sins
  2. Nightmare
  3. The Seventh Heaven
  4. Rising From Hell
  5. In the Land of Darkness

Album Lineup

Frank Leone – (Vocals)
Lyon (Bass)
Neil Grotti (Guitar)
Mike Petrone (Guitar)
Gemma (Drums)
Lee Under (Keyboards)


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