SCORPIONS – Rock Believer

SCORPIONS - Rock Believer
  • 9/10
    SCORPIONS - Rock Believer - 9/10


Label: Vertigo Records
Release date: February 25, 2022

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No need to pray for they’re not dying

For their 19th studio album, Scorpions renew their tradition of slightly subversive artwork. Rock Believer plays of the unholy alliance of Hard Rock and Religion. Even if there is nothing left of very subversive in Hard Rock these days. Perhaps it is because rockers do not scare the parents anymore… and many younger fans have discovered the great classics like Scorpions by browsing through the vinyl collection of their parents. In place of catechism, this is the taste for music that has been passed on.

Scorpions’ last album dates back from 2015. After a most impressive career, they could have chosen the path of retirement with no ill feelings. But no, Scorpions is back with a solid new record (11 songs + 4 bonus songs and an acoustic version.) That’s the kind of apology easily accepted for letting their flock without new material for so long.)

Rock the church

Rock Believer is a mix of powerful Hard Rock anthems and softer tunes that made their renown. Ballads or hits, all of the songs are well worked and bring different atmospheres. They are not just there to fill in the gaps.

The opening trio ” Gas In The Tank”, “Roots In My Boots” and “Knock ’em Dead” will effectively prove to you that Scorpions is still very much inspired. It seems this album is made to set fire to the stage. It is seething with communicative energy. While they still have a very classic sound. Well, Klaus Meine’s voice remains unmistakable, even if altered by age. The songs still have a modern touch and aren’t rehashed. But if you are yearning for the past, the riff of “Rock Believer” is laying thick on the nostalgic, but it’s a good kind of nostalgic. The song is a well-deserved tribute to their career, and whether you like it or not, it will get stuck in your head.

Scorpions’ popularity relies on their ballads. It would not be fair to deny that they have a certain talent for it. “Shining Of Your Soul” and “When You Know (Where You Come From)” do not exactly compare with “Still Loving You”. It is perhaps because they are not associated with fond memories. The two ballads are still pleasant and do not spoil the rest of Rock Believer.

The mid-tempo “Seventh Sun” is also an excellent surprise and a highlight of the album (the bass line may remind you of “The Zoo”.) And if you still don’t have enough of pumped-up hits, “Peacemaker” and “When I Lay My Bones To Rest” will be there to satisfy you.

The bonus songs are a nice addition, especially ” Shoot For Your Heart” which is just as good as the other songs, perhaps even better. The others are curiosities, not exactly suited to the atmosphere of Rock Believer. They still deserve to reach your ear.

After roughly half a century of career, ups and downs, Scorpions still rocks ( or stings… has this pun been overused?). A safe conclusion would be that their bones are not quite ready to rest.


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