SCORPIONS – Animal Magnetism [Remastered Edition]

SCORPIONS - Animal Magnetism [Remastered Edition]


Release date: 2001

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This one is originally from 1980, but are now available in remastered form, with a bonus track,Hey You (a rare single). It is part of the series of old Scorpions albums that have been/ will be re-released on CD with remastered sound, lyrics and liner notes. And its another classic.

Starting with Make it real, Animal Magnetism, is a hard rocking album from the band that sadly will forever be associated with ballads. It is not until cut number five, that the guitar-attack momentarily takes a break. Lady Starlight is a beautiful song, and while still not as well known as either Holiday or Still in love, it is just as good. Might even sound better, considering the heavy airplay of the “ballad-twins”. It’s actually the only “slow” song on the album, making Animal Magnetism one of the hardest Scorpions-albums. Check out the riff-fest of The Zoo and the psychedelic title track for proof!

Highlights: Hold me tight, Lady Starlight, The Zoo, Make it real, Hey you


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