STRATOVARIUS – Intermission


Nuclear Blast
Release Date: May 28, 2001

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This is no new studio album from the Finnish/German/Swedish combo, and therefore I will not give it any points. Timo Tolkki has simply done what I advised him to do last year; collected all the bonus tracks from the far east releases, the cover songs and a bit more, and put it out so all the fans that didn’t waste their money on Japanese overpriced releases to get that one extra song not good enough for the European disc, finally can get the rarities. However, if you bought all the overpriced CD’s, Stratovarius have of course thrown in a few extra cuts so you’ll have to buy them all over again. Well, the fanatic fans don’t really care about costs anyway. So, there’s without doubt a lot of fillers here, and this CD will soon collect dust in my collection. I am a fan of Stratovarius, regardless of the impression I just gave you, and now I am happy I never bought the Japanese CD’s. Why am I whining???


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