EIDOLON – Hallowed Apparition


Metal Blade
Release Date: May 21, 2001

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Glen Drover is back to tell you why he left King Diamond’s band. This is quality US heavy metal from the first chord, though Eidolon is from Canada. The riffs are skilled monsters that make your neck work, and the drumming by Glen’s brother Shawn still reminds me of the mighty Dave Lombardo at times. Musically, this CD is much in the vain of their former CD’s, and I would have liked a bit more variation in here personally. The singer is the weakest part, sounding like a Bruce Dickinson who just woke up. Anyway, don’t let this scare you, I am just being a bit picky with singers. That’s the way it is when you regard Jon Oliva as God… If you like your metal hard, pure and fast, treat your neck to this disc! I take Eidolon any day over all the crappy mediocre European bands that still want to clone Helloween.


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