EIDOLON – Coma Nation

EIDOLON - Coma Nation


Metal Blade
Release date: June 3, 2002

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Exit Brian Soulard, enter Pat Mulock, and Eidolon leaps into the elite division of metal. However, Pat reminds a little of his predecessor at times, which I believe is the vocal arrangements and production. Anyway, Eidolon sounds fresher than ever before, and while other bands have burnt out on their fifth release, Eidolon still shows hunger. The family business Drover & Drover uses the same formula, crunchy and unique metal riffs and loud creative drumming, and this time they indeed got the songwriting together. Well, they always delivered great songs, but with the new singer and great production, the songs show off even more.

Eidolon has the ability to be doomy without being slow, they can be melodic in their own way, and Glen can break any wrestler neck with his attitude and technique. The title track, “Scarred”, “Hunt You Down,” and “From Below” are all monsters, not to forget the album closer, the quarter of an hour long, “Within The Gates”, that in a way remind me of Iced Earth’s long numbers, yet with greater solo guitar playing. If Metal Blade’s intention is to break Eidolon, they better give them a support slot on a great tour this year, cause now it’s time to get serious. Eidolon is serious metal, skillfully delivered with attitude, confidence and conviction. Canada has more to offer than Annihilator.


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