SOUL DOCTOR – Soul Doctor


Release Date: May 28, 2001

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Feeling sick? Go and see the Soul Doctor! He will for sure cure you, as long as you feel better by hearing catchy and groovy hard rock. Soul Doctor is lead by former Fair Warning singer Tommy “big in Japan” Heart, and includes J.D. (whose name makes me thirsty) – a former bass player with Bonfire, guitarist Chris Lyne and drummer Zacky. And a fine debut this is! It makes me think of those glory days when Babylon AD was the next big thing; the days that ended when grunge and boredom hit the scene. The opener; title track and lead track “Soul Doctor”, sets the record straight – this is no bullshit rock’n roll with a hard edge. Some might call it cheesy, some might think this sounds too much like the eighties; maybe, but I would recommend every one of you to see the Soul Doctor. I am not saying they have the same cure as Gene Simmons, but there’s a healing spirit in this CD.


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