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    WINTERAGE - Nekyia - 8.4/10


Label: Scarlet Records
Release date: July 7, 2023

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Fans of Symphonic Metal will be in for quite a treat this month as Italian band Winterage unleashes their third full-length studio album: Nekyia on Scarlet Records. The follow-up album to the 2021 release of The Inheritance of Beauty, the new album contains many folk, Celtic, medieval and classical influences adeptly interwoven with Power Metal. Winterage seem to have the knack for perfectly blending these styles into their own sound; with speed, finesse, and powerful performances.

Heavy Metal Opera

Winterage – Nekyia has many epic tales being told in the operatic formulae, with of course Power/Prog/Classical Heavy Metal being the core of the sounds. The music was expertly crafted by Gabriele Boschi and Gianmarco Bambini, with the lyrics by Daniele Barbarossa, Gianmarco Bambini and Gabriele Boschi. A real standout is the epic cinematic orchestral and choral arrangements by Gabriele Boschi, as they bring the whole production up a notch. The powerful vocals of Daniele Barbarossa really capture the operatic style, as they add another layer to the overall feeling of being at the opera on Heavy Metal night. A real standout track “Metamorphosis, a Macabre Ritual” feels a bit like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on steroids as they weave Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns into the arrangement.

Final Notes

This is one of the better Symphonic Heavy Metal albums in years. Not only is the musicianship fantastic from every band member, but the talent pool of the guest musicians sends this album to the top. From tales of various gods and goddesses, to stories of sorcery and a Moby Dick inspired song, Nekyia has something for every Symphonic Metal fan, even if you are not as much a fan of he genre, this could be the album to change your mind. Winterage – Nekyia is a definite keeper, and belongs in your collection.

Band photo of Winterage from 2023.
Photo: Simone Furia

Winterage – Lineup

  • Gabriele Boschi – Violin, Orchestrations, Choir arrangements
  • Daniele Barbarossa – Vocals
  • Luca Ghiglione – Drums, Percussion
  • Matteo Serlenga – Bass
  • Gianmarco Bambini – Guitars

Guest Musicians

  • Dario Gisotti Uillean Pipes, Whistles, Accordion, Banjo
  • Silvia Traverso Soprano
  • Benedetta Torre Soprano
  • Francesca Torre Soprano
  • Camilla Tognoni Mezzosoprano
  • Pietro Paliotta Baritono
  • Angelo Maria Santisi Violoncello
  • Emanuele Biggi Scream and Growl vocals
  • Neil Williams Voice Over

Nekyia – Track Listings

  1. Apertio ad Profundum
  2. Simurgh the Firebird
  3. The Cult of Hecate
  4. Numen
  5. Nekyia
  6. La fonte d’essenza
  7. Dark Enchantment
  8. White Leviathan
  9. Metamorphosis, a Macabre Ritual
  10. Resurrectio ad Mundum


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