at the Moda Center, Portland, OR, USA, October 9, 2022

Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs of the SCORPIONS (Live at the Moda Center, Portland, OR, USA, October 9, 2022)
Photo: Bryce Van Patten

Scorpions Haven’t Lost Their Sting

Since the band released their first album in 1970, the Scorpions have enjoyed a longevity that many bands hope for, and few can sustain. With their show at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon on Sunday night they more than proved they still have “it”, as the whole crowd stood the entire performance, showing their love and support. As the band nears the end of their U.S. leg of the Rock Believer tour, they show no signs of slowing down. Band founder and guitarist Rudolf Schenker seemed to be having the time of his life as the band hit the stage with the opener “Gas in the Tank” off of the new album. Vocalist Klaus Meine was also all smiles as he greeted the crowd of avid fans, while still giving a great performance and singing to perfection.

Rudolf Schenker of the SCORPIONS (Live at the Moda Center, Portland, OR, USA, October 9, 2022)
Photo: Bryce Van Patten

Standing Room Only

The band definitely did not disappoint the fans as they next went straight into “Make it Real,” one of their classic hits that helped to cement them into the big time of Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal. The always stunning guitar work of Matthias Jabs was mesmerizing, as he effortlessly performed hit after hit. His classic talk-box solos on “The Zoo” sent chills down the spine. Drummer Mickey Dee (ex-King Diamond, ex-Motörhead) played one of the most amazing drum solos, showing he hasn’t lost a step and continues to be one of the top drummers in Heavy Metal.

Mickey Dee of the SCORPIONS (Live at the Moda Center, Portland, OR, USA, October 9, 2022)
Photo: Bryce Van Patten

Rock Believers

One thing that this fan took away from the Scorpions concert, that not only are they still true Rock believers, but their adoring fans are as well. From the masses singing along on “Winds of Change,” to the overwhelming ovation for the encores of “No One Like You” and “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” the fans were in it 100%. One thing is for certain: as long as the Scorpions continue to tour and continue to create new music, they will always have a huge fan base that will support them where ever they perform. If you didn’t get a chance to see them on this tour, you definitely should. With a massive 17 song setlist, there’s something there for every Scorpions fan to love and stand up for, showing that we are still true Rock believers.

Klaus Meine of the SCORPIONS (Live at the Moda Center, Portland, OR, USA, October 9, 2022)
Photo: Bryce Van Patten


Rudolf Schenker – guitar
Pawel Maciwoda – bass
Matthias Jabs – guitar
Klaus Meine – lead vocals
Mickey Dee – drums


01. Gas in the Tank
02. Make It Real
03. The Zoo
04. Coast to Coast
05. Seventh Sun
06. Peacemaker
07. Bad Boys Running Wild
08. Delicate Dance
09. Send Me an Angel
10. Wind of Change
11. Tease Me Please Me
12. Rock Believer
13. New Vision
14. Blackout
15. Big City Nights
16. No One Like You
17. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Photos by Bryce Van Patten


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