STORMWIND – Ressurection [2020 Remaster]

STORMWIND - Ressurection [2020 Remaster]
  • 6.9/10
    STORMWIND - Ressurection [2020 Remaster] - 6.9/10


Black Lodge Records
Release date: November 27, 2020

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Classic neoclassic

Following in the long-standing tradition of neoclassical Power Metal inspired by Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Swedish band Stormwind rereleased their fourth full-length album, Resurrection in 2020, their first release since Legacy in 2004.

Featuring the familiar melodies, themes, vocal lines, synths, and soaring guitars associated with the genre, Stormwind does a competent job at emulating their compatriot flying Swedish guitarist’s signature style. With this star-studded lineup, it would be hard for them not to.

A star-studded remaster with a few surprises

The playing is spot on, Timo Wolf’s guitar parts are, as you would expect from the genre very much the highlight here, with Kaspar Dhalqvist’s (Dyonisius) synth parts also being up to par with Rising Force era Jens Johannsson. Drums, handled by neoclassical royalty member Patrick Johansson (YJM, WASP) and bass by Andreas Olsson (Royal Hunt) never fail to provide the perfect foundation for keyboards and guitar to shine. Thomas Vikström’s (Therion, Candlemass) singing is competent and completely genre appropriate.

This remaster, handled by Magnus Lindberg, provides little in terms of actual sonic enhancement to the original 2000 release. If anything, the vocals are clearer in the original. The loudness is brought up to normal standards, but it crushes the dynamics out of the recording. It is the first time though that the album has been made available in Vinyl, with a special edition available in Gatefold double vinyl. Ressurection’s rerelease includes 5 new bonus tracks.

Album breakdown

Album highlights include “Ship of Salvation”, a clear homage to YJM’s “Liar”, the ballad “Seven Seas” for going off the deep end of cheese by trying to be too radio-friendly, “Blinded Eyes” with its valiant attempt to escape the neoclassical formula and being a more straight-out rock song, even if it falls back into the mold after the intro. Instrumental “Symphonia Millennialis” is probably the most varied track in the record and manages to bring a touch of originality to the band’s core neoclassical sound.

The band manages to pull off a few Prog-like moments in the bonus track “Spellbound”, and references 80’s Hard Rock (again, par for the course with neoclassical) in “Samuraj”, but the album threads fairly safely within the style’s boundaries.


Recommendable for fans of Narnia, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rata Blanca, Jason Becker and other neoclassical fare.  Hopefully, a good reception to Resurrection will lead to a new release by the band with a fresher take on the genre’s staples.



Lead singer: Thomas Vikström ex. Therion, Candlemass
Drums: Patrick Johansson ex: Yngwie Malmsteen, WASP
Bass: Andreas Olsson ex: Royal Hunt,
Keyboard: Kaspar Dahlqvist ex. Dionysus


01. Phoenix Rising
02. Ship of Salvation
03. Souldance
04. Seven Seas
05. Passion
06. Blinded Eyes
07. Synphonia Millennialis
08. Samuraj
09. Holy Land
10. Spellbound (BONUS)
11. Seven Seas (Radio Edition) (BONUS)
12. Mountain of Zion (BONUS)
13. Forever Free (BONUS)
14. Marco Polo (BONUS)


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