OSCAR DEL VAL (DORMANTH): “[Politicians] Are The Ones Who Currently Decide What People Can Or Cannot Do, So Thinking About A Tour In 2021 Is Not Up To Us”


Complete Downfall is the fourth album by the Melodic Death Metal band Dormanth.  The album promises double bass-drums, catchy choruses and melodies.  There’s not a lot of information about Dormanth on the Internet, so I asked vocalist and guitarist Oscar Del Val to give some insight on the band and their new album.

Metal Express Radio:  If I knew absolutely nothing about Dormanth, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Oscar Del Val:  Dormanth is a Melodic Death Metal band. Double bass drums, melodies and catchy choruses will prevail on many of the songs along with others more at mid-tempos.

MER:  On December 15, 2020 Dormanth is set to release your fourth album Complete Downfall through Xtreem Music.  Can you talk about the stories behind the songs….

“Dreamcatcher” – On the anguish that certain dreams can give and the barrier between the real and the ethereal.

“Fire” – The sensations on a battlefield, the cruelty that it supposes and what can change our perception of things.

“Tragicomic Day” – Violence as something normal and the contradictions it causes in our way of thinking.

“Beyond the Gates” – The border between life and death, the real and the unknown.

“Odyssey in Time” – Ethereal theme of religious beliefs in general.

“The Origin” – About human nature, what it really is and the starting point of our actions.

“-273 K” – It is an instrumental theme based on imagining a melody that could sound at absolute zero.

“Brainstorm” – The madness of a person isolated from society.

“Bloody Scars” – Hatred accumulated throughout life from traumatic experiences.

MER:  How did your record deal with Xtreem Music come about?

ODV:  We wanted to work with a record company that could provide a leap in quality and dissemination of the band’s work, and Xtreem Music is what we were looking for.  We presented the pre-production of the album and they liked the idea.

MER:  Is there a meaning behind the band name?

ODV:  Not really. We liked the meaning of Dormant and to avoid coinciding with any band we added the H

MER:  Dormanth released their first full-length album Valley of Dreams in 1995.  It was 20 years or so before the follow-up album Winter Comes was released in 2016.  Had the band broken up during that time?  What led to you get back together?

ODV:  Yes, we took time and for different reasons the opportunity did not appear until almost 20 years later.  Each one did different things in and out of music and we joined paths again.

MER:  How would you say the band has changed since your debut in 1995?

ODV:  In the way of acting and thinking we are more mature, in the musical we have also evolved until we reach this Complete Downfall

MER:  Any chances for a tour in 2021?

ODV:  Talk to politicians, they are the ones who currently decide what people can or cannot do, so thinking about a tour in 2021 is not up to us.  As a band that has a new album we are always willing.

MER:  What was your worst on stage experience?  What was the best?

ODV:  Surely something related to the sound, the space or the time they give you but that is normal.  The best, being able to share the stage with bands you admire.

MER:  Is there anything else you wanted to talk about that I missed?

ODV:  Let people listen to Complete Downfall and enjoy it.  Health for all.

Dormanth is:

Oscar Del Val – Vocals, Guitar
Miguel Angel Richart Jiménez – Guitar
Isma Fernández – Bass
Javi Martínez

Band Links:

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