THEM – Return To Hemmersmoor

THEM - Return to Hemmersmoor
  • 8.9/10
    THEM - Return to Hemmersmoor - 8.9/10


Steamhammer Records
Release date: October 30, 2020

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Happy(?) Thrash Metal Halloween

German-American act Them is back with Return To Hemmersmoor, the third album in a trilogy of their trademark brand of horror/fantasy-themed Thrash Metal just in time for Halloween. In the last entry in the series, the story sees the protagonist back from his trips to Germany and America to exact revenge in his homeland of Hemmersmoor.

The closing chapter in the conceptual story launched with Sweet Hollow in 2016, and 2018’s Manor Of The Se7en Gables, the new album is tougher and more direct than the earlier installments, delivering the band’s take on what a modern version of Mercyful Fate would sound like.

The Final Act in the Sweet Hollow Trilogy

King Diamond-inspired vocals are matched with heavy guitar riffs, unforgiving, slamming, and pounding drums, and heavy uncompromising bass that gels guitars and drums together without ever standing out. Power Metal influences are spread throughout the record, as well as Black Metal-esque triplet laden riffs underscored with blast beats, but no cookie monster singing.

The production handled by the band and mixing by Dave Otero at the Flatline Audio is competent and genre-adequate, sounding better than most Thrash Metal releases of 2020. The musicianship on display is of the highest quality with all instruments being executed to perfection.

Album breakdown

Return to Hemmersmoor’s songwriting is as diverse as it is interesting, taking the listener through Them’s version of many a Metal subgenre, and usually hitting all the right notes in a very satisfying manner. There is very little “filler” material in the album, with every track presenting a new angle of the band’s sound.

Highlights include album opener “Age of Ascension” that presents all the might of Them’s signature Thrash Metal, “Free” and “Field of Immortality” which delve more into Power Metal territory, and “Waken” the band’s anthemic homage to Blind Guardian, and album closer “Maestro’s Last Stand” which lyrically ties in the trilogy together.


Fans of Bay Area Thrash metal who don’t get put off by the epic and fantastic will find in the final chapter of the trilogy something to love. King Diamond and Mercyful Fate fans will revel in the many references to both band’s catalog, and the fresh new take on the beloved sound established by the classics. Even the Power Metal fan who appreciates heavier subgenres on the side will find in Return To Hemmersmoor and interesting listen that inspires one to look beyond the genre’s clichés in their musical palate.


KK Fossor – vocals
Markus Johansson – guitars
Markus Ullrich – guitars
Angel Cotte – drums
Richie Seibel – keyboards
Alexander Palma – bass


01. Diluvium 3:02
02. Age Of Ascension 3:25
03. The Tumultuous Voyage To Hemmersmoor 3:47
04. Free 5:01
05. Field of Immortality 5:53
06. The Thin Veil 6:36
07. Waken 5:43
08. Memento Mori 1:31
09. Hellhounds: The Harbingers Of Death 3:20
10. Battle Blood 3:56
11. Maestro’s Last Stand: 5:40
12. Finis 0:45


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