CLOVEN HOOF – Age of Steel

CLOVEN HOOF - Age of Steel
  • 9.5/10
    CLOVEN HOOF - Age of Steel - 9.5/10


Pure Steel Records
Release date: April 24, 2020

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8.25/10 (2 votes)

Cloven Hoof debuted in 1979 at the dawn of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. Since their inception the band has released six full length studio albums, including their highly acclaimed 1988 album Dominator. With the release of Age of Steel, Cloven Hoof brings their Dominator character back from the dead to wield more chaos and destruction across the galaxy. This 10 track collection is only the beginning of the story as the band promises there is more to come.

Cloven Hoof makes it clear that evil walks this way on the opening track “Bathory,” an ode to Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory (aka The Blood Queen). The angry wails of George Call and eerie riffs of Chris Coss help set the tone. Darkness continues to be cast across the land on “Alderley Edge.” This multi-tempo track is akin to an epic Iron Maiden anthem. “Apathy” has a little more commercial sheen to it with its catchy riffs and chorus. Its message rings true in any time period. “Touch The Rainbow” salutes Ronnie James Dio in its structure, as it starts off slow and builds to a head pounding pinnacle (then there’s the rainbow association).

“Ascension” is the theme song for the rise of the Dominator. Cloven Hoof leave no Heavy Metal stone unturned here, jumping from style to style in one succinct song. “Gods of War” could be the soundtrack to a good versus evil action flick where the hero and the villain first face off. Betrayal is at hand with “Judas,” but the Dominator still takes his rightful place at the throne on “Age of Steel.”

How did a band like Cloven Hoof get lost in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal shuffle? Age of Steel delivers the very best of what you’d expect from the NWOBHM genre. You can definitely pick up on influences of the past, but the band strings it together in their own unique way. Even if you don’t follow the album as a concept story, each track stands on its own.



  1. Bathory
  2. Alderley Edge
  3. Apathy
  4. Touch The Rainbow
  5. Bedlam
  6. Ascension
  7. Gods of War
  8. Victim of the Furies
  9. Judas
  10. Age of Steel


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  1. So much of the album rips off Iron Maiden tracks. Alderly Edge, completely rips off Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

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