OZ – Forced Commandments

OZ - Forced Commandments
  • 7.5/10
    OZ - Forced Commandments - 7.5/10


Massacre Records
Release date: May 22, 2019

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Forced Commandments is the eighth studio album from Scandinavian Metal band Oz. Founding member and drummer Mark Ruffneck has been with Oz since 1977. He is joined by vocalist Vince Koivula, guitarists Juzzy Kangas and Johnny Cross, and bassist Peppi Peltola. Forced Commandments is the second studio album to feature this lineup.

The record is straight ahead, balls-out Heavy Metal. The opening track “Goin’ Down” begins with a cinematic intro before launching into a galloping frenzy. Kiovula’s voice is full and his range is impressive, at times calling to mind Rob Halford. Track 2, “Prison Of Time” has some more trademark Priest as elements, with its twin-guitar intro and hard-hit transitions. “Switchblade Alley” is another hard rocker with a great hook and tremendous vocals. Forced Commandments has no filler. If you like one song, you will like them all. “Long And Lonely Road” is the only real departure as the album’s ballad, and its big driving chorus and ripping solo keep it well within range.

Oz has put forth a very solid record, with excellent production and 11 good songs showcasing very strong vocals and talented musicians. Fans of Metal, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Judas Priest, and fans of Oz’s previous records will want to check this out.



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