EREGION – Age Of Heroes

EREGION - Age Of Heroes
  • 6/10
    EREGION - Age Of Heroes - 6/10


Rockshot Records
Release date: December 13, 2019

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Eregion. Does that sound Tolkienesque to you? It is. For the curious, it’s the realm of the Noldorin Elves of Lord Of The Rings lore. What must follow from such a band name? Power Metal, of course! Italy’s Eregion share a love for fantasy, history and Norse mythology. True to their influences, their second album bursts forth in melodic and epic fashion.

The band knows their subject matter and remain thematically rooted throughout. “Wings Of Eagle”, “Jotunheim” and “New Order” are stand out tracks. They’re all uptempo songs breaking out soaring melodic bridges and battle inspired lyrics. “I Hel” is the lone mid tempo stand out. Its thunderous, crunching riff and creative melodic bridges, should be a live set favorite. “The Stolen Hammer” and “O-Hey O-Ho” are less powerful but just a catchy. They’re melodic drinking songs designed to inspire singing along while swinging mugs of ale to and fro. The addition of a violin is adds a folksy Celtic vibe.

Age Of Heroes feels a bit like a tribute album. While Eregion are honest about their influences both thematically and musically, they aren’t offering up anything fresh. The best songs pay homage to the likes of Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, and Sabaton.


Tracklisting: (Highlights: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10)

  1. Sacred Woods
  2. Wings Of Eagle
  3. Jotunheim
  4. The Stolen Hammer
  5. Ascalon (Siege and Demise)
  6. Hands Of Aesir
  7. Balder’s Bane
  8. Hermod The Brave
  9. I Hel
  10. New Order
  11. O-Hey O-Ho

Mauro Colbacchini (vocals)
Giorgio Colbacchini (guitar & backing vocals)
Gianluca “Odd” De Lotto (guitar)
Silvio Brusa (bass & backing vocals)
Andrea “Blackhawk” Muscarello (drums)
Letiziamaria Gatti (violin & backing vocals)


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