HORIZONS EDGE – Let The Show Go On

HORIZONS EDGE - Let The Show Go On
  • 9.2/10
    HORIZONS EDGE - Let The Show Go On - 9.2/10


Label: Dinner For Wolves
Release date: April 20, 2019

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Power Metal has been around for over three decades and has thousands of fans across the planet. After emerging in the Scandinavian countries, Germany and the States, vibrant Power Metal scenes can be found in such countries as Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan or Brazil. It could be said that it has become a global genre, although there are some big places that are still missing on that list. This can however change or maybe already has – Let The Show Go On by a Melbourne-based Symphonic Power Metal band called Horizons Edge came out in April of 2018. Those who believe that Australia is all about AC/DC and bands who try to sound like them may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

After the release of Heavenly Realms in 2015 the band kept their fans waiting for three years until the new record saw the daylight. But however painful the waiting was, it was worth it. The very first composition on the album titled “A New Day Will Dawn” is something fans of melody and power mixed together will fall in love with straight away. Guitar shredding and mechanically fast synths make an amazing background for the unearthly vocals by Kath Sproule. Yes, that lady could easily put more than one male Power Metal singer to shame.

As if the opening composition wasn’t enough of a blast, the following one called “Farewell” is yet another level. Immense tempo combined with really catchy and melodic themes on the keys can easily make the listener drift away. Some instrumental parts of the song, especially the complex drum patterns, can even bring bands like Death to mind. Of course, Horizons Edge are nowhere near as heavy, but the dizzy speed and complexity is surely something Chuck Schuldiner and friends wouldn’t have said no to. “Farewell” is certainly an example of a Power Metal song that should be listened to whenever one wants to get into trance as soon as possible.

Unlike quite a few Metal bands, Horizons Edge are not afraid to turn the bass volume up and generally expose the low frequencies – and praise be upon them for that, because their bassist has got some skills, to put it mildly. That can be heard in the aforementioned song as well as in the third track titled “Black Hole.” If there is anything negative to be pointed out… maybe those who need contrasts in order to be entertained will feel a bit bored, simply because the songs are of absolutely top quality, both songwriting and production wise.

There are however some surprises on the album, for instance the seventh track. The guitar in the intro sounds very much like in the songs by Rainbow and then the entire composition stands out in quite an odd way. There is something to its overall sound that just makes one think of the 1980s hits. And once the chorus comes, the slight confusion is dispersed fully – because that song IS a cover of a hit from the 1980s! And once again, the Australian sextet could teach quite a few Metal bands, including Nightwish with their version of “High Hopes” by Pink Floyd, a lesson. This is how a good (Symphonic Power Metal in this instance) cover should be made. It takes a little while until it becomes obvious that it is not an original song. The key, chord progression and tempo stay the same and yet it does not sound like a copy of the original, but more like a new song that is similar to it and yet is not quite the same thing.

The album ends with the composition being the longest one – “Bring Me Home” – which, ironically, has significantly less kick to it than the previous tracks. But that may be simply because some of the other songs, especially “Farewell” set the bar really high. Almost an hour of relentless Power Metal energy, excluding the short instrumental composition titled “Masks.” But then, those who do like their contrasts should be content with the album having this song on it.

Let The Show Go On may sound like a mixture of many Metal artists: Rhapsody of Fire, Dragonforce, Nightwish, Stratovarious and Iron Maiden to name a couple, but they certainly do have their own style that makes them come across as unique and ready to take on the world. They are not yet another Female Fronted Metal band that tries their best to be Nightwish II. They are setting new standards and if they dream of headlining Wacken Open Air one day… that dream could come true very soon.


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