TWISTED TOWER DIRE – Wars In The Unknown

TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Wars In The Unknown
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    TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Wars In The Unknown - 5/10


No Remorse Records
Release date: March 15, 2019

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Wars In The Unknown is the sixth album from Washington, D.C. based Metal band Twisted Tower Dire. Formed in the 1990s by members with a desire to recapture the sound of classic Heavy Metal, Twisted Tower Dire released a couple of albums, and toured Europe, culminating in an appearance at the venerated Wacken Open Air festival in 1999. The current lineup features long time members Scott Waldrop, guitar, David Boyd, guitar, Marc Stauffer, drums, Jim Hunter, bass, and Johnny Aune, on vocals. Aune replaced original vocalist Tony Taylor after their fourth record, and sadly, Taylor passed a few years later in a motorcycle accident.

Wars In The Unknown is a decent record. Highlights include “And The Sharks Came Then” and “These Ghosts Can Never Leave”, with their catchy hooks. Aune has a good range, and a wide vibrato that occasionally drifts out of tune, must evident when backing vocals are present. Neither guitarist is credited with lead guitar, so it’s not clear if both share solo duties, but the leads on this record leave a lot to be desired. Sonically, the record is ok, not exceptional production. The bas drums are not clear, and sound a little stumbly at points, particularly at intense double bass sections. The issues aren’t constant, but sporadically things could have been done better here and there. There are good riffs, and good parts, but excellence eludes the final product. Still, worth a listen to Metal fans. 



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