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    TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Make It Dark - 8.5/10


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Release date: May 13, 2011

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Twisted Tower Dire has always been one of the Modern USA Metal scene’s shining beacons. While the perception of Metal in the USA changed as a result of the big bands of the mid ’90s, it was evident that someone would have to stay behind and protect tradition. This band is one of the few that remained, and even though there are other acts that try to pare their way into what that scene once was, quality remains a strong player in the musical game, and this band’s strong, yet melodic, music keeps it breathing with the new Make It Dark release.

The production of this album has its weaknesses, especially with respect to the vocals. That crucial element didn’t do justice to the amazing voice of Viper’s Johnny Aune. Nevertheless, in general it gives the feeling of a NWOBHM kind of release running on an Old School American Power Metal speed boat. The great sound of the guitars and bass creates a wonderful harmony that was part of why this album was enjoyable.

As for the material, it’s the ’80s all the way again. NWOBHM or Iron Maiden, you name it, the British style is right there with the melodies, twin guitar harmonies, and dominant bass lines that add to the excitement. With the British rhythm attack proved on “Mark It Dark” and “White Shadow”, there was room kept for the USA Metal heaviness and speed, although sometimes drenched with Hard Rock, which gives ground to the lead breaks. Such tracks that were the “victims” of the great mix were “The Only Way” and “The Stone”. Even though some of those lead guitar licks and harmonies sound as if they were taken out of the Iron Maiden catalog, there were a few twitches that helped keep concentration on other aspects.

Even with their great, catchy music, there was a weird sense as if Mark It Dark shared elements with Epic Metal. Probably the high-pitched vocals and voice patterns of Aune might give off some signals. However, it seems that part of the riffages might support that notion even more. “Beyond The Gate”, not because of its length, has that epic feeling yet it is more straightforward. It’s an amazing track and perhaps the best by comparison.

The album starts with pretty much banal material (yet of good quality), but from “The Stone” and on, it sounds a lot smoother and classic. Perhaps more American Metal bands should conspire to look to the past and enjoy the fruits of the ’80s. Surely, Twisted Tower Dire won’t stop…


  1. Mystera
  2. Snow Leopard
  3. The Stone
  4. Make It Dark
  5. White Shadow
  6. The Only Way
  7. Torture Torture
  8. Beyond The Gate


Johnny Aune – Vocals
Scott Waldrop – Guitar
Dave Boyd – Guitar
Jim Hunter – Bass
Mark Stauffer – Drums


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