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    BEYOND THE LABYRINTH - Chapter III - Stories - 8/10


Incommunicado Records
Release date: May 13, 2011

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Back in 1996 when Beyond The Labyrinth was formed in Belgium, the main thought was to elevate a kind of Metal music that would inspire the listener.  In order to let the softer consciousness take hold, the band used Hard Rock, Classic Rock and AOR, whether ’70s or ’80s, as enhancers and they succeeded pretty well.  The band’s new release, Chapter III – Stories, arouses thoughts of Yes, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Rush.  There is that great feeling of progression when it comes down to the music. It might not be as heavy as Metal usually sounds, but it is very atmospheric. Moreover, this album also offers high-rated melodies and classic harmonies. The harmonies between the instruments were the winning tickets for Beyond The Labyrinth on this album.  What was done here was very close to what both Uriah Heep and Deep Purple have been forging and protecting for years, and that counted for the stronger moments where the atmosphere took the reins.

Some of the songs sounded more of the ’70s variety, especially when the keyboards were involved, which gave a symphonic edge that kept the aura of a loving touch, yet also placed a screen of smoke.  The guitar section, manned by Geert Fieuw, who also handled the keyboards, made sure that there wasn’t to be a dull moment on the softer rhythms, with his ’80s-oriented slow tempo solos.  However, when the call to be wild was cried, he carried out his role with some great, kicking licks. As for the vocals, Jo De Boeck didn’t have too much depth in his voice; yet, he showed that he could amaze with velvet, yet rather steely, vocal patterns. The rhythm section provided the release to complete the identity of an ’80s release with great accuracy.

What was special on this release was even the heavier songs uplifted an angelic softer hand on several sections.  This might be a cause for admiration and celebration for Metal fans that seek something emotively strong.  “Hidden Agenda”, “Saturation Point”, “Raise The Horns” and “The Peter Principle” were some of the band’s chucky igniters and were nicely done. The catchier choruses mixed well with the complex rhythms and kept the flow of the songs going. However, good songs or not, nothing could have beaten the likes of “The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes” and the tender touch of the ballad “Oceans Apart”.

Beyond The Labyrinth presented a different form of Heavy Metal that might be inspired more from Rock than Hard Rock, yet, it ruled the day on this album. Even though there were some dry moments, this album is a success for this band. If you are looking for unusual Heavy Metal along with some AOR to keep it more emotive, this is the album for you!


  1. The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes
  2. Where Kindred Spirits Meet
  3. Hidden Agenda
  4. Oceans Apart
  5. Fear Is The Killer
  6. The Darkest Page
  7. Saturation Point
  8. Stories Waiting To Be Told
  9. Raise The Horns
  10. Hypersensitive
  11. The Peter Principle
  12. Strength


Jo De Boeck – Vocals
Geert Fieuw – Guitar, Keyboards
Gerry Verstreken – Bass, Vocals
Michael Lodder – Drums


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