FORGED IN BLACK – Descent Of The Serpent

FORGED IN BLACK - Descent Of The Serpent
  • 5.2/10
    FORGED IN BLACK - Descent Of The Serpent - 5.2/10


Label: Extreem Music
Release date: March 5, 2019

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Forged in Black are a five piece Metal band from the South East of England. Their second full-length album, Descent Of The Serpent has been released recently and many things, positive and negative, can be said about it, although it’s all in the eye (ear) of the beholder. But there is one thing everyone should agree on: this album is diverse for sure.

First thing is, this album really could do with is better production, especially on the drums. It wouldn’t take a long to find an EP, or maybe even a demo, with an overall sound being more convincing than that of Descent Of The Serpent. The first three compositions sound rather weak, as though a bunch of college kids had their songs mixed by a friend of theirs who happens to do music technology, rather than a professionally produced album. Luckily, the fourth track, being the self-titled one, sounds just like a Metal song should – it does have a dose of power and punch to it and is a whole level above the preceding compositions. Also, turning the volume up on bass a little bit would probably have been a good idea.

Another thing many of the songs on this record lack is flow. There are riffs, there are some interesting lead guitar themes, but that is not enough. Without a groovy rhythmic section, even the finest quality solos will sound rather boring, even in “One In The Chamber,” which is not a bad song, it’s just missing some substance. The singer is certainly versatile and capable of hitting some high notes, just like he does in the eighth track called “Vendetta,” but due to the overall lack of groove the vocals on “One In The Chamber” just don’t sound as good as they could.

It is interesting how the songs sound a lot more exciting from the fourth track onwards. Especially the fifth composition, “One Last Sign” is really good, although there still seems to be something between the cogwheels of groove that prevents them from working perfectly smooth. The clean breakdown, that ends just as unexpectedly as it starts, is an interesting solution. Also the following track, titled “Palm Of Silver” is really decent. The organs in the intro sound very dream-like and then the heavy sound kicks in. The groove is finally here! It adds a lot to the overall sound of the solo.

But the best is yet to come. It is the final track on the album. “When Hell Is Done” which is the only song that could make the listener drift away. Oddly enough, it is the least heavy track on the album and yet it is the most powerful one. This is also where the singer sounds truly amazing. So, anyone who was not content with the album and decided not to listen to it anymore after the first couple of songs – they have missed hearing some decent tracks. They’d clearly be counting their chickens as soon as the eggs are laid, one could say, because they make judgement on something before getting to know it fully.

Despite quite a few imperfections, Descent Of The Serpent is not a bad album, though it could be better. Some of the songs certainly do have the potential to pull the crowds in at live shows. Maybe Forged in Black are one of the bands that sound better live than they do in the studio? It will certainly be exciting to find out.


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