MYRATH – Legacy

MYRATH - Legacy
  • 9/10
    MYRATH - Legacy - 9/10


Nightmare Records
Release date: February 12, 2016

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8/10 (1 vote)

Internationally Myrath is Tunisia’s most acclaimed Metal band and Legacy is their return after almost five years that have gone by since Tales Of The Sands. The time did not pass them by without leaving a few audible marks. The symphonic elements have been slightly reduced, while the Arabic influences are more prominently on display than before, comparable to their debut album Hope.

The band sounds more mature, but does not lack the necessary power to deliver a diverse metallic album that places them comfortably in the Progressive Metal corner next to their heroes Symphony X. To finish with more praise: Legacy stands eye to eye with Underworld, which is to no small degree due to singer Zaher Zorgati’s performance. Actually, when adding in the originality of their exotic melodies, Legacy is even better. Guys, you made it!  You just beat your idols …


  • Frank Jaeger

    Frank was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of Bavaria, Germany. He has worked in the games industry for more than 20 years, now on the manufacturing side, before on the publishing end. Before this, he edited and handled the layout for a city mag in northern Germany ... maybe that is why he love being part of anything published. Frank got hooked on Metal at the age of 14 when a friend introduced him to AC/DC. They were listening to The Beatles, Madness, and The Police, and he decided they should move on. Well, they did, Back in Black became Frank's first Metal album, and since Germany is reasonably close to England, they had some small New Waves Of British Heavy Metal washing up on their shores: Tygers Of Pan Tang, Samson, Gillan, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Sweet Savage, Diamond Head, etc. If he had to pick his favorite styles, Prog and Power Metal would be at the top of the list.

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