at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, December 14, 2004

They are way past their 25th anniversary now, and Lemmy is approaching 60 fast, next Christmas Eve to be exact. Nevertheless, the mighty Motorhead-machine can be found where it belongs – on the road.

Their new album Inferno doesn’t leave any marks in the history of rock, but you always know what you’re gonna get when you pick up a Motorhead album. To a certain degree, the same goes by attending a Motorhead concert. And even though the setlist for this tour is slightly different from previous years, there is always the trademark of incredible loud rock ’n’ roll that grabs you by the balls and stays there through 90 minutes and 20 songs.

10 minutes past schedule, Lemmy and his well-known Rickenbacker-bass entered the stage, followed by his fellow axeman for 20 years, Phil Campbell, and Swedish super drummer Mikkey Dee. “We are Motorhead, we play rock ’n’ roll” he snarled, and then kicked the living shit out of the front rows with the great openers of “Dr. Rock,” “Stay Clean,” and “Shoot You In The Back.”

Even at this time you had the feeling that some old forgotten gems had found their way back to a Motorhead show, and the set-opener “Dr. Rock” from Orgasmatron was one already. Later on, Lemmy Kilmister brought out his Christmas presents by surprising the crowd with re-visiting Another Perfect Day with crowd pleasers “I Got Mine,” and the standout “Dancing On Your Grave.”

To please the record company, or even themselves, they put in a couple of songs from Inferno, and the introduction to “Killers” sounded something like this: “This is a new song, and you might even like this one…!” No worries at all, “Killers” and “In The Name Of The Tragedy” was worthy of a spot on the set list. “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” was back in the repertoire, simply because, quoting Lemmy: “This was supposed to be out by now … then another of these fuckers died on me!!”

But the last man standing must be Lemmy Kilmister himself. You might even wonder if this character goes by the name of human anymore, because only God knows what’s floating around in his veins. However, he hasn’t changed one bit and he simply introduced “Sacrifice” by warning the crowd with “This is our fastest song; don’t dance to this, you’ll break your fucking legs!!”

But business as usual, after stunning versions of “Killed By Death,” “Ace Of Spades,” and “Overkill,” it was over for Motorhead, but they left a few more surprises behind them than on previous visits, maybe “Whorehouse Blues” with a bass-less Lemmy on vocals and harmonica accompanied by two acoustic guitars on stage as the biggest. Now, that hasn’t happened on a Motorhead show before this tour…

As support acts, Motorhead brought the chick fronted Meldrum and no less than Sepultura.


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