STEVE HOWE – Careful With That Axe

STEVE HOWE - Careful With That Axe


Release date : December 14, 2004

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This 50-minute documentary is about the life and career of one of the greatest guitarists of the past years. That’s the reason why I thought that there was gonna be much live material from Steve Howe’s past performances included on this DVD, but I was wrong.

Of course there are some songs here and there mainly from Howe’s Yes era, but these excerpts are really short and overall it’s more like an interview with the great man. The DVD starts and finishes with Steve playing the acoustic guitar and in between he talks about his past memories. We hear lots of interesting stories, we learn about how he got his axe dedicated by the legendary Les Paul, and we can take a look at the master’s amazing and valuable collection of guitars. He talks about the days he started playing and tells us why didn’t he become member of Jethro Tull and Atomic Rooster, although he played together with this latter band’s founding member Carl Palmer later in Asia.

We also hear about the short-lived supergroup GTR and there are many other interesting facts that this exceptional guitar player talks about. As I mentioned I would love it better with more music, but it’s still a great DVD for all the fans of Steve Howe, Yes and the progressive movement of those times.


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