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Release date: December 9, 2004

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Force: the word conjures up so many different meanings such as strength, energy, and power. Understand Force and you will understand the latest collection of songs from New York’s very own Enertia. With their fourth full-length CD, Force, this Power Metal juggernaut are sure to make their mark in the annals of Metal history.

When these four musicians bring their talents to the table, there is no “halfway” and no “almost” — these guys just give it their all. From the first time listening, one cannot help but to sit back slack-jawed, reveling in the amazing power of Scott Featherstone’s voice. Well pronounced and still very dynamic, you might be reminded of a ballsy Zach Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle). Getting to listen to singers who actually know how to sing seems to be so rare these days … you have to stop and applaud the achievement when its presented. Featherstone’s vocals are a lone reason to own this disk; however, there are three other characters in this cast whose roles are equally as important and impressive.

Roman Singleton handles all of the guitar work, and with a heavy right hand he lays down Dime Bag Darrel-esque riffing with a touch of Zakk Wylde, all the while never losing his own identity and personality. Joe Paciolla shows a true understanding of the dynamics of his role as bassist, knowing when to accent the single thump of the kick drum or when to set up a rocking riff of his own. The final piece of this puzzle falls into place with Jeff Daley setting time on his drum throne. Be it sounds of thunder, or intricate tapestries of texture, Jeff always seems to propel the songs in a forward direction.

Sticking with the tried and true formulas of the Metal genre, Enertia isn’t exploring any new territory, but they do manage to make the songs sound fresh and engaging. Songs like “Anything,” “Clearer,” and “Secrets” never sacrifice a moment of in-your-face Metal, yet still exhibit enough melody and refinement to hopefully break into the “mainstream” rock radio arena.

This is a band that is doing things their way. There are no excuses here, no attempts at cross marketing, and no futile attempts at trying to be all things to all people. There are no gratuitous power ballads contained within Force, instead there are eleven songs that together make one of the highlight releases of the year. If Force isn’t soon to be one of the titles in your Metal collection, then perhaps you should just head over to the nearest, busy thoroughfare and jump in front of the fastest, largest vehicle you see … this will surely set you on the path to enlightenment!


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