KEN HENSLEY – Running Blind

KEN HENSLEY - Running Blind


Record Heaven Music/ Mystic Records
Release date: August 19, 2002

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Running Blind is the first new solo Ken Hensley album since 1980’s Free Spirit. Since the split from Uriah Heep , he played a couple of years (and albums) with legendary southern rockers, Blackfoot. A lot of years quietly went by (guesting on W.A.S.P’s Headless Children, as well on some other records), before starting up his solo career, and the Hensley/ Lawton band.

Giving you a “fair” review of Running Blind is not easy, because I have changed my mind several times already! Obviously, it’s not as good as the old Heep-stuff, but there are several great songs on this album. What I really do enjoy, is that Hensley is not afraid of mixing a lot of different musical styles, something that gives Running Blind an extra dimension. That diversity also results in an album that is not easy to get a hold of, even after a lot of spins. The best albums manages to mix diversity with a identity of it’s own, but the quality of some of these songs (and the sequencing) does not match the best material. My version of this CD contains 14 songs, with 4 songs presented as “bonus tracks”. I don’t know if this means that the record that will be released are gonna have 10 songs, or 14? Anyway, a couple of tracks less, this will/ would be more than a “good” record. Running Blind is full of melodic rock, classic “Hensley-keyboards”and plenty of guitar. He’s no David Coverdale, but sings pretty good anyway! If you’re an old Heep fan, or enjoy the old Hensley solo-records, this will surely be right up your alley.

Highlights: Out of my control, It’s up to you, Free spirit, Movin’in.


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