DORO – Fight

DORO - Fight


Release date: August 19, 2002

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Dorothee Pesch, you gotta love her. I always did, and still do, so it’s not really cool to find out that her first ever “band effort” since Warlock, is by all means her weakest solo release to this date. I have always wanted the European Metal Queen to stop working with all these different producers, some of them too “modern” to my liking, and make a record with her live band. Finally she did, and God knows where it went wrong. She has indeed a very talented band, with Nick Douglas (Deadly Blessing) on bass, Joe Taylor (Lita Ford) on guitar and Johnny Dee (Britny Fox) on drums, a band she has held on to since the beginning of the nineties. (That tells you she is a sympathetic lady who knows how to treat people!)

“Fight” kicks off with its title track, which is a decent melody but the song is in general too grungy. Why try something like this? I can understand the attempt if it was 7 years ago, but grunge is, thank God, dead and forgotten. I know this song means very much to Doro lyrically, so I won’t slay it too much. “Always Live To Win” is more how we know, and have gotten to love, Doro, while “Descent”, the duet with Peter Steele is simply horrible. And so it goes on, with some good songs and some fillers. Like every album Doro makes, you have a handful of catchy and great songs, but also a few too experimental tracks. The experiments are maybe not that many this time around, but that duet mentioned is just too far out. I thought this would be the record where she would present a direction, but I am sorry to say that Fight lacks just that. However, I hope the record does well, as I have lots of respect for Doro’s carrier. She puts on a great and highly energetic live show, by the way, and this summer she even pulled out a few old Warlock classics she hasn’t played since way back. Keep it up!


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