at Brew House, Gothenburg, Sweden, December 9, 2009

(All photos by “St” Patrik Gustavsson)

Train travel can be a very pleasant environment to catch an hour’s sleep or two, especially when knackered due to the gig the previous evening, which had started even later than Ace Frehley’s show a week before. Oh well, at least the show in Gothenburg started at a more common hour, leaving fewer moments of dead space. Crowd turnout would also be healthier than that in Stockholm; though still somewhat sparse, but enough to kick energy level up yet a notch.


LEven though at home turf, the band makes no fuzz about the fact and gets straight down to business, which is the Sister Sin philosophy dead right. Though off to a bit of a shaky start, due to bass levels way high, that threatened to inferior Jimmy’s guitar tone. By the third song in, the issue was fixed; in fact, the levels would stay superb throughout the rest of the evening, which is quite uncommon at Metal shows.

Sister Sin seemed to sweep through an identical song selection as the night before (note: no notes were taken), but especially “Beat ‘Em Down” came across well this night, and it is also noteworthy the group’s rendition of Motörhead’s “Make My Day” transcends a great deal fairer live as well.


Time had just passed 2100 hours when Doro & Co. took to the stage with expected opener “Earthshaker Rock”. What was immediately apparent was the great mix coming out of the speakers. This was one of those rare nights where the sound came together, and at just the right levels. Critics would be hard pressed to even recall when they last experienced such a well tuned mix.

L From there on, it was a pleasure listening to fine players, and Doro’s amazing voice, at work. It really elevates the experience of a show when audio is clear. It was certainly made all the better due to the fact that this was Doro’s first show in Gothenburg in over twenty years as well; Warlock supported DIO there in 1987. The Wacken Hymn, “We are the Metalheads”, that Doro recorded last summer for the world famous German festival’s 25th anniversary, may come across too cheesy in its title, but is in fact a great song. Doro didn’t write it, but could have, as it sits along perfectly amongst other anthems in her catalogue, such as “Celebrate”, “Burn It up” and, of course, “All We Are”. As it isn’t released on her proper albums, it would prove its testimony as a darn catchy tune as people chanted along virtually immediately.

LFour songs as requests during the encores would prove different from that in Stockholm, as both the aforementioned “Celebrate” and “On the Run” was aired, which made for Fear No Evil being represented with four songs in total. Warlock classic “Hellbound” was dusted off tonight, and another sing along with “You’re My Family”. Doro means those words too, as she gladly chatted, signed and took pictures with a healthy array of fans afterwards, much to irritated security workers dismay – needless to say, it took a while.

As already stated, Doro’s Swedish fan base may not be the largest, but definitely enthusiastic, hopefully enough so to warrant further headlining dates on future tours.



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