at Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden, December 8, 2009

(All photos by “St” Patrik Gustavsson)

Doro’s career as of latter years seems to have picked up again in terms of exposure, after a few years of obscure existence outside her native Germany throughout the 90s. During said time frame Doro incorporated elements ranging from AOR to Industrial through Blues and Jazz into her trademark Hard Rock, which Doro in all fairness never completely abandoned. However, later albums have seen her reconcile with her past more, returning to more of a True Traditional Heavy Metal sound, more reminiscent of her days with Warlock. Throughout it all though, she kept her mixture of up-tempo rockers, fist pumping anthems and emotional ballads intact, and that mixture translates very well live too, as evened out, it proves to never get one-sided.


L Although formed in the new millennium, Gothenburg resided Sister Sin delves back to early recordings of Motörhead and W.A.S.P., Breaker-era Accept and, especially so, Mötley Crüe in their Shout at the Devil heyday, for inspiration. And they do it damn well. Even though the group’s full length debut Switchblade Serenades was mixed a wee bit too compressed, live the group’s memorable songs take on a life on their own. On top of it all, of course, female vocalist Liv, makes the group’s old school approach the perfect match to support Doro. Visually Liv sets out to entertain as she’s no stranger in pulling the poses and one can never guess in advance what kind of outfit she will adorn. It all makes up for entertainment value in addition to the raunchy riffs coming out of Jimmy’s guitar and the punctuated beat from drummer Dave.


Unfortunately, the promotional aspect for the long reigning German Hard Rock Queen’s two Swedish gigs had been virtually non existent. If it’s because of this, or Doro’s Swedish fan base just happens to be modest in numbers, one can only speculate.

LThe actual reaction would prove the opposite though, as the crowd, even though small, would herald Doro as she’s accustomed to in her home country. Whether its because she again has gained rights to use the Warlock moniker, or perhaps even prepare people in advance for a more full fledged reunion, 2009 would see Doro perform more Warlock classics than anytime previously in her twentieth year as a solo artist. The likes of opener “Earthshaker Rock” and early nugget “Metal Racer” has made a welcome return in recent years to accompany the expected “All We Are” and “Burning the Witches”. Doro’s last album, the excellent Warrior Soul gets represented with “Haunted Heart” and “Above the Ashes”, whilst only “The Night of the Warlock” and “I Lay My Head Upon My Sword” gets lifted of the recent Fear No Evil. Whilst it’s peculiar to support its current release with only two songs, it would later turn out, towards the end of the set, Doro actually leaves room for requests.

L Doro’s revolving doors of guitarists are confusing to say the least; bassist Nick Douglas and drummer Johnny Dee are present as always. Former After Forever fret bender’s Bas Maas’ work proves melodic and tasteful, making him a more than worthy, what now seems permanent, replacement for the long serving Joe Taylor. However, during this Scandinavian stint of dates, former guitarist/keyboardist Oliver Palotai, known from Kamelot, was again present, instead of regular second player Luca Princiotta. Damn confusing, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. As a previous player for former Iron Maiden/Wolfsbane howler Blaze Bayley as well, Palotai is certainly no stranger for enduring performance ethics naturally also very much present at Doro concerts.

For requests, the audience is treated to the relatively seldom played “Bad Blood” off the hideously underrated Angels Never Die, True As Steel chest beater “Fight for Rock”, alongside the haunting “Love Me in Black”, performed as an even quieter semi-ballad in the live environment, and Twisted Sister-reminiscent rocker “Always Live to Win”.

LThere is something genuine about Doro’s nature which transcends into her performance, and the love for her audience seems very sincere. However, the following night would prove even stronger.


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