Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury Records
Release Date: August 13, 2002

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Touted as a new Hysteria, X finally hits the shops, amid much skepticism and some negativity. First of all, let’s get some facts on the table:
Pyromania and Hysteria have ALREADY been released (I can see ’em from here), and releasing the same record is IMPOSSIBLE, and highly unnecessary.
Leppard collaborating with some hit-makers? Come on! They have always collaborated with lots of people that have made popular songs. Does the name Robert Mutt Lange ring a bell? Bon Jovi also did the same thing, but without all this fuss…

Now, back to X! It contains a lot of different songs, but the common ground is that they have big sing-a- long choruses, are melodic and are short and snappy. The sound is highly modern, but still contain the patented backing-vocals and the amazing voice of Joe Elliott. It is definitely a pop record, brimful of hits but with a rock-sound as well. Check out: Four letter word, Cry or Scar, for the heaviest moments, and proof of Leppard’s ability to still rock and roll! Other songs worthy of mentioning are: Thorn to shreds (should be the next single?), You’re so beautiful (a riffy lil number with a pumping bass-line), and Gravity ( a little bit of funk with a shouty chorus).
Let’s all forget about Hysteria and Pyromania, and appreciate the fact that Def Leppard are still out there, making great music for us. Respect!

Highlights: Scar, Thorn to shreds, Cry, Unbelievable, You’re so beautiful, Four letter word, Love don’t lie.


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