QUEENSRŸCHE – Live Evolution

QUEENSRŸCHE - Live Evolution


Release date: October 30, 2001

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8.5/10 (1 vote)

Here it finally it; the live legacy from the band that simply ruled the world the last part of the eighties. One key member less, a couple of thousand cigarettes, and much less inspiration – this CD is released 12 years too late. CD 1 is filled up with old killers that still are the best there is to hear. Actually, the selection of songs is so good that the only one I miss is ”Neue Regel”, as CD 1 covers the years 1983-88. CD 2 is a lot weaker, as it ends up with ”Hear In The Now Frontier”- and ”Q2K”-songs.

Of course, Kelly Gray, the dude who replaced Chris DeGarmo, a horrendous job – amongst others he ruins the end of ”Eyes Of A Stranger” with a solo way out of the picture. You just don’t mess up the main theme track for the mighty “…Mindrime” record! With this guy on board, the Queensrÿche of today sounds like a cover band, no matter how hard Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson try to keep it all together. Gray better watch out – he might run into old die hard Queensrÿche fans late at night in a back alley…. That would result in huge headlines! But, it really doesn’t help firing that guy (who must not be mistaken as the female porn star with the same name, who of course is much more welcome in my house).

The huge problem with this release, is unfortunately the man himself; Geoff Tate. He simply has no voice left, and I am really sorry to admit that! Every time he tries to sing the old classics like they are supposed to be sung; it sounds painful for him. And most of the time he doesn’t even try – which maybe is a smart move, but it really makes it all lame. Queensrÿche has one chance to survive, and they better take action now, as this patient is close to death: First of all, DeGarmo has to stop believing he can do anything brilliant on his own. God knows what he’s up to, but he belongs to the ‘ryche. And secondly, and boy do I hate to say this; they simply need to get a new singer! I can not think of any other singer that has lost so much of his voice during the years – not even Jon Oliva blew out this much! And that makes me really sad! Geoff is a phenomenal front man and actor on stage, I don’t think anyone can replace that, but that way he fools you to believe he still has it. Sanctuary once said that the two bands they really wanted when they started, were Queensrÿche and Megadeth. Both bands are just shadows of their old selves.


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