SILENT FORCE – Infatuator


Release Date: October 29, 2001

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I have a feeling that all albums released this part of the year are worth 8 points. Well, I can’t help it. I doesn’t make the records, only the reviews. This year, I will for sure have a hard time to pick my top 10, and it’s normally an easy job. Anyway, here’s Silent Force again, fronted by DC Cooper and Sinner guitar player Alex Beyrodt. The music is melodic power metal, and compared to the debut, Silent Force sounds a bit more European this time around. “Infatuator” is a safe buy for every fan of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”, not because “All Guns Blazing” is covered, but because the music is fast and aggressive, but still has good melodies.

Alex Beyrodt does a very good job, and DC is also on top of it. To be a little critical, I would say that DC’s sings very good mid-range stuff, and there’s no doubt he can shatter glass as well. But the way he goes from mid-range to high pitch, is a little annoying. It would be a little better if he naturally progressed his way up there. That being said, this little piece of negativity belongs is a little side dish… “Promised Land”, “We Must Use The Power”, the title track as well as the trilogy about the Gladiator, will have your pulse beating like Andre Hilger’s kick drums, and you will not put this CD back in the shelves for a while.


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